Floating Energy® remote / distance treatment

is all about restoring your flow.

"Floating Energy® is the queen of energetic discipline" says Michaela Graham, Business und Spirit. Because all in life is about your flow. The flow of your natural energies.

With Floating Energy® I combine energetic healing and systemic work in an optimal way. Floating Energy® supports everything, all programmes and work that you book and cooperate with Michaela Graham.

Floating Energy® is based on the fact that you are an energetic being, surrounded by and acting, living within energy fields. A being that is much more complicated than just a physical body. A being that exists in multiple dimensions at the same time. Accepting and understanding this, with Floating Energy® we utilise various techniques to restore your energy flow to the optimum balance across all those dimensions.

Floating Energy® is a fast and easy to handle possibility for you, to get access to your fields of highest energy, to your best version, to your superhuman nature. Floating Energy® is based amongst others on quantum theory, epigenetic, quantum healing, reading within the field. Michaela Graham further developed and optimized such approaches and techniques to make Floating Energy® a high frequent, efficient and easy to apply form of energetic systemic treatment, that is always individually customized to the client.

Floating Energy® is a neutral energy, free from formats and own, personal, external or collective energy fields. Floating Energy® is intention-less up to the point when you want to apply it for your transformation, change, healing, system flow,...

With your decision to apply Floating Energy® we take the relevant energy field, that will work for you like a transmitter, a translater. Floating Energy® works on all levels of your being (in your cells and body, in your structures and beliefs, in your aura, mental, emotional, energetic, fine-material, systemic).
You can (re)activate everything that you / your system needs, to realise efficiently the change that you wish, to open yourself for your own intuition and power, to empower you, to find your path, your self-responsibility, to unfold your full potential and your superhuman nature, to re-activate your inner voice and connection to your highest self, to support your life as you want it.

Floating Energy® is always working for you and the more aware and consciously you integrate the energy within your daily life, the more you take over the self-responsibility for your life and system, the more optimally and clear you will find the results.

Floating Energy® remote / distance healing - the process

Floating Energy® works in the background. As soon as you decide to work with us, or rather at your required date the effect of Floating Energy® starts for you. We open for you your own individual Floating Energy® energy field, frequencies and energies, that work optimally for you and your intention. Subsequently we activate the field and create the connection for you. We always integrate and use the relevant given time quality and energy that is in the field of the given time and day.

Resolve, free, clean up your system at all levels.

We can see you and your systems - similar to what you can see during a systemic constellation - and from here we dissolve blockades, old patterns, behaviour, success-preventors. Everything that is there and provides access for us at the given moment is important for your intention and will be dissolved, transformed, changed from where the root cause is.

Restoring your system flow - harmonization - stabilization - integration

When your system is purified and the system flow is restored, Floating Energy® supports the stabilization of your supernature energy. Your individual energy field of information will be re-activated for you. Here you can find strong energetic impulses, self-healing, information, knowledge, wisdom, impulses for action,... - you will receive everything that your system, the solution for your issue and your intention, requires.

Floating Energy® transfer and activation - daily at the time that you booked or that is stated in the respective programme. You usually can enjoy the Floating Energy® for 2-24 hours (please find programme details for further information)

  • nightly soul and system regeneration in your individual soul healing energy field.
  • daily energy field, individually customized to you, your system, your intention.

When you are within one of the monthly Floating Energy® packages, you additionally enjoy 4 individual Floating Energy® remote healing treatments, that are individually customized to your system and intention.

You will be positively surprised how much is possible with Floating Energy®. 

Floating Energy® facilitates a harmonising process by clearing blocks in the biofield, repairing and re-balancing the energy patterns. The body can then move to its optimal level of balance to heal itself. By working with the energy systems we can access all levels of our existence to induce multi-dimensional healing.

You can choose, mix and combine all Floating Energy® formats according to your impulses. You can repeat all formats as often as you like. The best for you is always to follow your first impulse.

Sometimes one issue can be solved within one treatment / session. Very often the deep rooted solution and development is step by step. That is great and required, as your conscious being and mind, your body and physical structure requires some time to integrate, change, transform where needed. Working with Floating Energy® is awareness change from deep within. Your system requires exactely the time and format that it can accept, trust and work.

Each Floating Energy® format is complete. That means: you always receive the full energy package that is optimal for you at the given moment. The eneretic impulses are very intensive and can effect extensive change / transformation / optimization.

Some (of so many) advantages of remote treatments

You get immediate access to your desired and booked Floating Energy® field

You don't have to spend time on appointment agreements and you don't have to wait long until you get a free appointment

With the Floating Energy® remote programmes you get the complete and full treatment and optimal efficiency while you have to invest littel to no time.

Remote and distance healing with Floating Energy® works and functions according ot the law of quantum-entanglement exactely like 1:1 treatments. (If you will require further treatments or additional information, you will get impulses for it)

You don't have to do anything during the Floating Energy® transfer of energies. You can do, work, be, whatever you want.

You don't have to talk about your problems/issues and you don't even have to be aware of the real root cause. We have made often the experience, that in most cases there are issues behind the issues that you would never have believed and that you don't need to know. That saves time, mind-fuck and effort on your side.

Efficiency and success of Floating Energy® remote treatments

Already one month with Floatig Energy® is highly efficient and as usually:

For more complex issues and problems, for issues that are already manifested as illness, etc. it is required that you continuously work with highest energy support and that you stay tuned like with a fitness training.

Each human carries different issues and needs different time and steps to release everything that prevents the system to flow, to re-sort and re-activate, to manifest and realise. Whatever you book, it's always your system (your body, soul, mind, emotions, ...) that leads, directs and decides. Floating Energy® effects strong impulses for self-healing and self-empowerment. Therefore it is important that you have and keep the complete own responsibility for your life.

The greater your will to change to your best, the more you actively work with the great energies, the faster you act upon your inner voice, your impulses, the more success you will see and feel and be.

You can imagine Floating Energy® similar to a healing room, that is customized individually to you and to your requirements and intentions. Here flows highly frequent energy, that effects all your mental, soul, emotional, pyhsical, spiritual levels. As soon as you are in that room, you are connected with the highest energies. Your higher self and intelligence starts to work, your self-healing power can be re-activated. From here we open new fields of unlimited opportunities. Individually, healing, powerful, efficient.


For your better orientation

Luck or accident does not exist in this world. As everything is energy, your soul and system leads you to the point that is the right one at the given time. 

Same is valid for your choice of the "right" format. Take the one, that attracted you first. That is the right one for you at the given moment. Your soul does not and never make any mistakes.

When you need / require support for more complex issues for yourself and/or your organisation, please contact us. We will find the perfect fitted format for you.

We are looking forward to you and to your system(s).

Please consider that the energies and energy fields that I work with are high-frequent and strong energies that you can experience very intensively. This is important to enable the change that you want. How intensively you feel the Floating Energy®, how you and your system process it and what you "do" with it, is not within the power of Business und Spirit. It is your decision and the decision of your system, your soul. Generally the Floating Energy® is so strong that everything is possible. And what you make and get out of it is your decision. I prepare and provide you with your individual fit of Floating Energy® and you take what is best for you. I can not and don't want to give any promises.

I am no medical practitioner in any form. I work with high-frequent energies and energy fields. Your booking and participation is your own decision and responsibility.