My life in a pure flow.

When your (organizational) system is in its flow, the best can appear.

I love to live and have experienced, that "being different" is great. For you and for me.
I am free, independent and live the balance.

My passion is to guide you, your system(s) into your own inner power and best potential. I want you to live, experience and do, what you really desire. I support you, to get back into your flow, to bring your organisation back into the flow / balance.

I can see your highest potential and the road blocks that provide you to live it as soon as you get in contact with me. At the same time I am able to provide you with solutions, alternatives and energies that enable you to solve the root cause for your problems/issues in order to heal them. With that I am a catalyst for your change.

You are worth it to live an extraordinary life. Everything best is possible for you and you can achieve it with joy and faster than you might have considered.

We are here to support your change and free flow.

Business und Spirit is Michaela Graham. I have founded Business und Spirit for you and for your systems, because I want to facilitate your change as much as this is possible today. 

It's history and old fashioned, that solutions, change, flow, healing, ... have to take a lots of time and effort. 

During the recent years I could develop an intuitive approach that is based on my extrasensory perception also valid for systems and connections, and my competence and possibilities to open and activate energetic fields and frequences individually for you and your system. The approach that I apply is intuitive, situational and individual. Each system, each human is different, therefore your solution is always your individual solution that can not be copied to any other system.

The high frequent energies change steadily. That provides us with new and more and more easy and optimised tools and possibilities for you and for your change. 

The major part of working with Business und Spirit is done on a remote base. I can perceive you and your system, the road blocks, the root causes for your issues and triggers without knowing you or your system personally. It is one step to change when you are aware and the most important for your healing and for the solution within your system(s) is that I can activate and open energetic fields, frequences and healing impulses for you and your system that solves and releases the blockades, etc at the roots. 

Unique is that I am able and allowed to work with systems. This expands your room for change, especially when you want to change a system, your organization, that you lead. 

Especially when the issues and systems are complex and the change required is deep, I have the experience that it is good for you, when we work personally, via phone or at your company. Like that your mind can realise immediately the issues that we solved and released in the background.

The Business und Spirit team.

Everyone who works with me and Business und Spirit provide and follow the high quality standards of Business und Spirit.

They all are blessed with high extrasensory perception and they are trained by myself for long years. They work - like me - with clear and clean, pure energies and apply the Business und Spirit approach intuitively.

Our uniqueness is that we keep our own energies and our personality out of your system, your solutions, your energetic fields. We open the fields, develop the frequences, programme the content and activate everything within your system and your systems. It is like we build the bridge for you and your systems.

That is - according to our experiences - the most important for helpful and sustainable solutions. Only with clear, pure and highly light full energies true healing is possible.


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