My life is in flow.

Only when you are deeply grounded, your system is in its natural flow. Only then the best can show up in your life.


I love to live and have experienced, that "being different" is great. For you and for me.
I am free, independent and live the balance.

My passion is to guide you, your system(s) into your own inner power and best potential. I want you to live, experience and do, what you really desire and what you truely are. I support you, to get back into your flow.

I can sense your highest potential and your true essence once you entered my space. I want to remind you, how beautiful you are, how much power and energy you have and how many possibilities you have in your life.  I provide you with solutions, alternatives and energies that enable you to solve the root cause for your problems/issues in order to heal them. With that I am a catalyst for your change.

You are worth it to live an extraordinary life. Everything best is possible for you and you can achieve it with joy and faster than you might have considered.

I am here to support your change and free flow.

I can see your greatness and your potential. That makes it easy. For you and for me.

Business und Spirit is Michaela Graham. I have founded Business und Spirit for you, because the world needs your full potential, your greatness, your true essence.

I am here to guide you, to remind you about who you really are. Let's fully unleash your beauty, your perfection, your greatness. Maybe you belong to the many humans who forgot, how powerful you are. You have countless possibilities and tools to be and effect change within your self and for this world.

I spent all my work and effort to guide you on your way to your true essence, your true nature that is power-ful, free and in balance, light and love.

You are worth it to enjoy your life, being deeply rooted in mother earth and best connected to your higher self. You are here to enjoy abundance, wealth, health, peace, beauty, connection, love.

The time is now.

We have startet into a complete new dimension and time. A time when old and ancient structures are breaking to make space for true values and essence.

Energies and frequencies are higher than ever experienced. That makes it easier and faster each day to achieve change, healing, find solutions and new ways to live and be.

Even and especially the spirituality is experiencing complete new ways. Effectiveness grows and takes less and less time. Healing, essence, change. We don't need any gurus any more. We need to get into our own self responsibility and power. Instead of inspiration we need integration, instead of consuming guru's words we need to transform from within.

I guide you to re-discover your own creativity and strength, your balance and power.

Whatever you see in me, you have it within yourself.

You can only recognize qualities within others, that are also within your self.

I train, study and research each and every day for even more efficient and high frequent tools and new solutions for you and your well be-ing. Results from epigenetics, awareness research and quantum physics often confirm what I had recognized within the energy fields and matrix. 

I am clarivoyant and healing people since I can imagine. The uniqueness of my approach that I apply is that it changes on a daily base, according to the steadily changing and growing energy fields and frequencies. 

Often frequencies and energies are quite "heavy" and could not be processed by your system in this rawness. In this case I form, customize and activate the energy fields, frequences and healing impulses to enable your system to work with to an optimum. Blockages, triggers, traumata and fear, etc. can get solved in no time at the root cause.

The major part is based on distance healing with Floating Energy®. I don't need any information from you as I can see and sense you in your full beauty and power and potential as soon as you enter my space that I open for you.

Unique is that I am able and allowed to work within systems. This expands your room for change, especially when you want to change a system, your organization, that you lead. 

Especially when the issues and systems are complex and the change required is deep, I have the experience that it is good for you, when we work personally, via phone or at your company. Like that your mind can realise immediately the issues that we solved and released in the background. 

Am I good for you?

Best you can do in order to test the best fit between you and me is, when you give yourself a try.

I was a training and qualification junkie for a very long time, knowing today that all qualification is nothing when the knowledge does not settle deeply rooted within.

Anyhow - here you find more or less all my qualifications. 


I am looking forward to seeing you - online, live or in the quantum fields...