What we do? We restore your system flow. 

Only when your system flows, you can enjoy success, free space, feeling of ease, ... the best, that you personally or/and your organisation system desire.

Today in our digitalized world a pure 3 D thinking and action is not sufficient to be and stay successful in the longterm and at the same time to feel and be healthy and in balance of life. Complex systems, innovation and communication require far more. Thanks to Floating Energy®, we can consider, treat with and connect unconscious and conscious factors. That and only that leads to life, leaderhip and be-ing as we want and deserve it. The Business und Spirit approach is a future oriented and state of the art way of thinking, working and being.  Michaela Graham

Taking into consideration and working with energy and energy fields, inconscious factors and dimensions, like we do at Business und Spirit, might be unique today. Tomorrow it will be the way of living, working, being. Because only with that we are able to fully exploit all opportunities and potential that is available, to lead and control our life and everything that is connected with it.

Business und Spirit supports you to dive into the future way of being and acting. We provide you and your organisation with new tools and insights, open your system(s) for new knowledge and opportunities, that support you and your team to get from pure 3D thinging and action right into a new, state of the art awareness, communication and action. All tools and approaches are easy to use and to apply in your daily life, in your organisational life and leadership.

We connect Business with Spirit and Spirit with Business. Only like that you can be successful AND self-fulfilled at the same time.

You, your system, your organisation, your employees get from us exactely the right dose of Floating Energy, coaching, consulting, supervision and mediation, that is required to enable the very next step. 

We combine well proven (Business) approach and tools with Spiritual approaches and tools. Your personal and/or organisational system give direction regarding the mix, the intensity, the outcome.

Whether we work with you personaly or with your organisational / family system, our cooperation is always pragmatic and individually customized to your requirements.

Working with Business und Spirit means, diving as deep as possible to solve and release the situation where the root cause is. In your personal system as well as in your organization we work down to the level of DNA, the level of cell information, the level of the supernature - energetic, mental, physic, emotional, spiritual.  

Floating Energy® is the approach of Business und Spirit

The name is the programme. We restore and reactivate your flow. Where flow is, the best can be.

Our approach is an intuitive, contingency approach that is steadily in motion.

The single tools that we apply refer to status quo, possibilities, intention and framework that you / your organizational system provide. We work step by step, level by level from inside to outside and from outside to inside. Exactely like the relevant system indicates.

The fact that everything is energy, that external and internal (unconscious) factors effect our (personal) system, the potential that we live / show, everything that we act upon, decide and experience is a base for our approach.

We call that fact "law of systemik", as that is what we see and perceive. 

As within so without, as above so below and vice versa. 

Issues, situations, people, failure, success, luck,... are mirrors of what is within our own system. 

Many scientific tests prove that conscious being and acting uses only 5 % of our full potential.

It's finally time to get aware of what's inconsciously in our systems and get our systems back into the flow. In the natural flow we personally and in our organization find all power, energy and easiness to be, act and experience success and fulfilment.

Floating Energy® with Business und Spirit is the tool for you and for your organization

We find, highlight and dissolve the issues that prevent your system to flow. Step by step we work, we open a protected free space within the relevant system, in which new perspectives, impulses, innovation, alternatives, solutions and opportunities can be activated. The complete system is considered (also in your organizational system):

Mind, heart, body, soul, spirit, energy field, aura, action, belief,...

Your organizational system consist from people, therefore the approach is very simlar to a human system.

We can see the energies and structures within any given system as soon as you decide to work with us.

That makes our cooperation easy and enables solutions that are greater than you can possibly imagine at the moment. We always connect Business with Spirit, visible and invisble factors. Like that we consider the big picture with the complete choice of solutions and alternatives from the very beginning. 

Depending on the situation, intention, desire, we combine well proven Business and mental coaching tools and knowhow with state of the art and efficient tools and wisdom from energetic work. Floating Energy® energetic work and energetic systemic work is steadily supporting our cooperation in the background.

Working with Business und Spirit effects all possible levels

  • visible, conscious, strategic and operational level (Business)
  • tangible, mental and systemic level (Business und Spirit)
  • invisible, unconscious, emotional, sensible, energetic, spiritual, energy level (Spirit)

Systems have their own order. They never work like we predict them to work. Systems work according to the system force. They follow their own law, that we at Business und Spirit bring into consciousness. From here best solutions can flow.

When you are aware of how your system works, when you know the structures and patterns that are effecting the system, the solution can evolve. Having solved and released disruptive patterns, beliefs, ..., the system is back in flow.

We don't isolate the problem, we consider the entire system from all possible levels and perspectives. 

Whether we work with you personally or with your organization or with your familiy system, we always start working with YOU as the center, the head of the system. 

We make you aware of the systemic dynamics, that nourish the stagnation / problem. Once visible and conscious everything can get transformed easily.

We can see the best possible energetic version of any system - the super-nature - and you have the choice to achieve your optimum.


USP of Michaela Graham and team

I am expert for structures and systems.

Like a clairvoyant I can see the complete situation including blocks and ideal version.

Working with us means that we don't get stuck on your problems. Often it is not even important that you know a root cause.

Important is what your personal or your organisatonal system requires, to realise and implement the best version, the version that you want.

Your intention as my compass I (more or less) talk to the system to find out where the soluton is located and what the next step is.

Mental coaching, constellation work, timeline, business- life- emotional coaching supports your mind to change awareness and to enforce the change. Floating Energy® enables, accelerates and optimizes the results.

Within shortest time and little time invest from your site we get an overview of the situation, connection and hurdles, that are connected with your question / problem.

Starting with this status quo, we work with a combination of:

  • Dissolvind and transforming blockades, beliefs, factors that prevent success, etc. - applying tools from systemic work, from the energy fields --> your system flows is reactivated

  • mental and emotional tools --> we strengthen your mental and emotional awareness and that of your employees to integrate the energetic solution on the mental level.

  • During our cooperation you will steadily receive visible and tangible solutions and alternatives, that support your daily life, your strategic and operational level for the realisiation and implementation of your targets.

What you see is what you get - not at Business und Spirit.

Working with Business und Spirit means far more than that. What you see is how you feel.

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