My path

Many paths, many loops, many trainings, studies, experiences, teachers and teachings. I was a training and qualification junkie for many years. Means, I studied nearly everything that was interesting for me in the Business and Spirit fields.

The most important briefly

I am grateful to have a unique competency of extrasensory perception, of being a psychic / clairvoayant.

I can see you as an individual system within the systems that you live in. I can see your potential and alternatives, the road blocks and hurdles that avoid you from living in your flow / that avoid your systems from being in a natural flow and success.

Combined with my competency to access and open energy fields, frequencies and space for you within highest energetic fields, I can facilitate for you and your systems a complete solution of issues at the root cause.

I live Business und Spirit, that means that you can expect that all solutions are highly energetic, efficient, instant while you can realise them in the here and now.

Considering all possibilities that I can offer for you, it is always you and your system(s) that decide. You / your system takes, accepts, transforms, changes and integrates as much as it can at the given point in time. 

An issue can be solved completely within one hour and another issue has multi layers and root causes and needs more time, effort and input.


My professional path

Working with people, leadership, systemic clairvoyance, consultancy and traning, the subjects management, oraganisational development and systems and especially being a pioneer are the central themes in my professional life.

I was working six years as director for strategic planning and mergers&acquisitions, seven years as director project management &business development. Bevor I was engaged in project management, as personal assistant, training and consultancy.

My professional path is like my personal one. I followed my impulses and my intuition and enjoyed a big variety of different experiences in different branches, companies and places.

Since 2010 I am working as systemic energetic healer, consultant, yoga and mindfulness meditation trainer and coach. In the first years I worked as free lancer next to my ordinary job as director, since 2014 I work on my own with Business und Spirit.

With my unique method Business und Spirit I am a pioneer. I combine intuitively and individually proven methods from operational and mental business, from system work and from the quantum field. I combined and optimised well proven methods like systemic constellation, family constellation, EMDR, solution of patterns and traumata, etc. Business Coaching, life coaching and mental coaching, thanks ot my competencies and longterm experiences. The base for my work is the energetic work in the quantum field and my systemic energetic clairvoyance and competence, that facilitate change and full solutions at the root cause.

I work with you as an individuum and as being an independent system and I consider the relevant systems, that you are living in - consciously and unconsciously.

Thanks to my clairvoyance I need no infomation or personal meeting with you. As soon as you decide to work with my, I can see your system(s).

You enjoy an optimum of efficiency, marginal time invest and best results for you, for your systems, for your organisation to flow.


Trainings - Business

German Abitur, hotel management, Business economy, MBA, trainer, certified project manager, diversity of management and leadership programmes, strategic leadership, diversity of coaching and facilitation methods, non violent communication, change mangement certification, qualitative and quantitative technics of analysis, modelling and analysis of business development and change, Six Sigma, project management office, portfolio management, multi project management, process management, Lean, operational excellence.

I am expert for leadership, M&A post integration, project management and systems and system work.

I have many years of experience and expertise working in an international environment. I love to work in english language and with people in different cultures and settings.

Trainings - Spirit

NLP Coach (Society of  Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), system Coaching, constellation work, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Matrix Power® ,  dance and expression, Yoga Teacher (3 x 200 hrs), Regressioncoaching, Mental coaching, emotional coaching, EMDR, Russian Healing metods, The Work - Byron Katie, Transformationcoaching, Japanese shamanism, Awareness Coaching and Work, Life Coaching, working with Theta waves and Theta healing, Chakra healing, Hypnosis coach.

I am a shamanesse, a modern spirit healer, an expert for systems and system constellation, for awareness and consciousness, for transformation and fast and sustainable change that you can feel, see and live.

Since ever I am clairvoyant and healing people and systems. Over the years I am steadily growing my talent and since ever I work in and with energy fields. 


2014 – heute:        Owner of Business und Spirit, pioneer to make change possible for people and systems to heal and flow

2011 – heute:        Freelancer as coach, healer, system healer, projectmanager and yogateacher

2013:                         Self development

2006 – 2012:        Director for strategic planning and M&A at Avnet EM EMEA

1999 – 2006:        Manager projects and project office at EBV Elektronik

2002 – 2003:        Director project office at Avnet EM EMEA

1997 – 1998:        Presentation-Manager at Digital Equipment

1996 – 1997:        Consultant, coach, trainer at Innes Consulting / Manager at Panorama Pfiff Restaurant, Zell am See

1995 – 1996:        Assistent to the vice president at Plaut

1994 – 1995:        Assistent to the CFO at Schlumberger Holding

1992 – 1994:        Manager Snack Bars Airport Munich

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