When you unleash your potential, you strengthen your personality.

I work with you applying the Business und Spirit approach. Working with me means working individually and intuitively. You and your deepest desire, your system decide how we cooperate. Floating Energy® supports and accelerates your results in the background.

We don't need any preliminary talk / information and start within the first minute to work for your intention and target. Already at the time of your booking, I can sense you and your blockades, the issues behind the issues, the root causes and system connections. That saves you time and invest.

My uniqueness for your uniqueness.

Working with me is similar to a fitness programme. The more continuously you work on your intention, the more intensive you realise the impulses that you get thanks to our work, the more you stick to your intention, the more you can achieve.

Many problems have multi layers. Some problems can be solved within one hour. How much effort, time and invest an issue required depends on the situation. Your system, your systems, your soul will always accept, integrate and transform as much solution and energy as it can work an cope with. You will get and work with as many impulses and insights as you can cope with. We solve as much as is possible at a given time.

And from here we walk to the root cause of the problem step by step, layer by layer.

Like that you will feel more and more free, more and more of your true potential can unleash. 

The duration for our cooperation fully depends on you and your needs.

Already one session can push you forward a lot.

One personal session with me  

  • Supervision, coaching, consulting, energetic work
  • Personal session via phone
  • Energetic systemic work - Business und Spirit approach
  • Floating Energy® field

Cost: € 150,- incl. VAT  

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If you want to extend and optimise the potency of your personal session, you can additionally book a Floating Energy® package.


  • A systemic setup can bring you immediate clarity and solutions that you had not considered before. We can re-programme consciously and inconsciously habits, patterns, emotions and thoughts, to enable you to lead your life self responsible and straight.
  • Energetic work brings immediate and efficient solutions for you. We release, re-programme, transform the root causes that prevented you from your life as you want it.
  • We provide you with hands on tools that you can apply during your daily life.

How we work depends on you. Whether we resolve old traumata and blockades, patterns, habits, etc during an energetic timeline, run an energetic purification and shock resolution, set up your issues and solve the road blocks, shake out your system, open your unconsciousness to find answers to your deepest questions, strengthen your consciousness and your power, ...

Everything is possible and our cooperation process follows your needs.

In most cases you will experience a combination of many and whatever we will solve, you will be excited about the uniqueness and sutainable results.

I am combining my unique competences and skills regarding systems, structures and synapses within and around people, the access to high-frequent energies and fields in the quantum world with conventional and well proven methods and impulses. By means of that unique and intuitive mix you can achieve change at all levels of your being. 

You are searching for your meaning, for more fun and joy, optimum health and power, balance, more love and connection, more success, more wealth, ....

You will be excited what is in for you!