Knowing your status quo can have an exceptional impact on your personal development.

When you know your status quo, it is easy for you to accomplish what you want.

Where are you at this current moment? Who are you and which possibilities and potential do you have?

Get aware of who you are. Get a picture of yourself and discover your alternatives and possibilties for your personal and professional development.

Find your status quo - your energy and personality profile

Based on well proven personality tests and on my clairvoyant system and personality competencies, you will receive a picture of your actual status quo, including ideas, impulses and alternatives for yourself, for your personality, for your development in all areas of your life.

Picture of me

  • 1 hour personal session via phone / Skype
  • questionnaire based on MBTI
  • Written energy and personal profile

Cost: € 500,- inkl. VAT.  

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If you want to proof yourself and your change, this package can also be a great tracer for you. You can make on picture of me before you start your change and one picture of me after and you can see your success and the change.

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