Floating Energy® – Find me - love me - remote - instant, helpful, wonderful, SOS-support

A real special! This offer is the result of pure love and my deep wish to support as many people as possible to live their full potential, to heal, to be happy, successful, wealthy,...

This programme is a true gift of the universe for you. You get

  • the full power of highest energies and frequencies, individually customized to you, your system, your needs
  • a meditation guideline
  • your login data for your individual energy field, frequencies, healing, via picture and text.

You can register for the same day until 7 pm. If we receive your booking after 7 pm you will attend automatically the relevant session one week ahead.

Book             1 day Floating Energy® Special

When you wish to enjoy the Floating Energy® Field for your relevant intention for one week, you get activated your individual Floating Energy® Field for 7x24 hours. During 7 days from 11 to 12 pm you will receive the Floating Energy® distance treatment according to your selected intention. When you want to dive a bit deeper into your field, you can register here for your individual Floating Energy® field.

The day, that you select to start with, provides the intention of your weekly programme. When you - for example - start your Floating Energy® on a Monday, you will receive your individuel Floating Energy® Field "self esteem, value, wealth, abundance". 

Book               1 week Floating Energy® Special

When you are in your balance and flow, you can live and experience exactely what you want.

I have access to high frequent energy fields that I customize individually to your needs, your desire, your issues. 

With this special you can enjoy Floating Energy® on a daily base from 11 to 12 pm at a very special price. The energy fields are extremely high-potential and high-frequent. The energies are intensive and can have an intense effect on your life.

What we offer is unique, individual and highly efficient. 

During the Floating Energy® event I present the healthful, clearing energy to you and open an individual high-frequent energy field and frequencies that allow you to connect with your heart, your intuition, your inner wisdom. integrate all parts of your personality and live.

The Floating Energy® Special events are "Find Me" treatments, that work great for you when you

  • want to support actively and energetically your self development
  • want to find out about the efficiency of Floating Energy® for you
  • want to get a quick energy shot and fill up your energy reserves
  • want to have SOS support 

They work like an SOS support for you, as quick and instant help, supporting your change, as soft transformation, power shot or like an energy filling station.

You can repeat the day or week sessions as often as you feel for it, you can combine various days / weeks and themes and you can enjoy the sessions as support / refresher for your personal sessions or for the monthly programmes.

Depending on the depth of your issue it can happen that you solve your issue already with one Floating Energy® event. Imagine, that I open energy fields and power for you that is individually customized to your desire and issue. The Floating Energy® works highly intensive at the root cause. Once, the root cause for your issue is solved, everything that is on the layers above, can be solved.

Your system / soul decides how fast it will integrate the proposed enery. The issues are solved like you peal an onion. That means that you can solve and release exactely what is good and right for your system at the given time.

We work with clear, high and light energies that can work best when you don't mix with any other energy work.

For greater issues and deeper root causes you can preferably work with us in personal sessions, monthly packages or during personal programmes.


Subjects and dates

The Floating Energy® fields and treatments differ on a daily base. You can book each day and programme independently. Here you find the detailed overview of all programmes.

Monday - Find me - self esteem, value, wealth, abundance

Tuesday - Find me - charisma, easiness, lust of life, freedom, anti aging

Wednesday - Find me - Heal emotions, balance, power of resistance, sense of well being, stress reslilience, feel good

Thursday - Find me - Replenish power, energy, energy kick, power booster, stress resilience

Friday - Find me -  Self confidence, self development, self fulfillmet, basic trust, discover and unleash your potential, spiritual awakening.

Saturday - Find me - heart-mind connection, inner wisdom, intuition

Sunday - Find me - love, connection, relationship, being with others

Go for it!

Duration of Floating Energy® special energy distance treatment - DAY – from 11 pm to 12 pm.
The Floating Energy® energy field is open for 24 hours to work for your best.


Cost: only 100 Euro incl. VAT for each DAY event.

Please enter your requested date that determines the subject during the booking process.

Duration of Floating Energy® special energy distance treatment - WEEK - from the first day bookd up to the following 6 days - each day from 11 pm to 12 pm. Your Floating Energy® field is open for 7x24 hours to work for your best.

You can book and receive immediately!

Please enter your requested starting date that determines the subject during the booking process.

Cost: only 290 Euro incl. VAT for one week 




You can also give this event to your loved once as a gift. The participants do not have to know that they are attending. The energy works according to what's good and required for them.

If you want to optimise the efficacy of this powerful Floating Energy® event, you can book before or straight after the event a personal session. That provides you and your mind with even greater stability and forward moving power.

As with all Floating Energy® events you can do whatever you like during the event. And if you like to use the high-frequent energy to your best, you take time for the two hours to clarify what you want to release and what you want to manifest and live.

Please consider that the energies and energy fields that I work with are high-frequent and strong energies that you can experience very intensively. This is important to enable the change that you want. How intensively you feel the Floating Energy®, how you and your system process it and what you "do" with it, is not within the power of Business und Spirit. It is your decision and the decision of your system, your soul. Generally the Floating Energy® is so strong that everything is possible. And what you make and get out of it is your decision. I prepare and provide you with your individual fit of Floating Energy® and you take what is best for you. I can not and don't want to give any promises.

I am no medical practitioner in any form. I work with high-frequent energies and energy fields. Your booking and participation is your own decision and responsibility.

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