Seelenwellness® online

Your special offer for exclusive customer / employee relationship management

Corona has changed the world. More than every before people are searching for inner peace, balance, grounding. At the same time many don't want to be stuck in rooms with plenty of people.

Awareness and conscious being is more and more must to enjoy live and living. 

While distance is required everywhere it is good that we have all possibilities to connect online and like that feel as if we are nearer to each other than ever before. 

New times, new dimensions, new generations, new opportunities. New techniques for customer and employee retention programmes. Time saving, cost saving, efficient and ... great.

Let's start with your customer.

Targeted customer retention is usually time and resources consuming at each and every level. And even if you invest a lot, you have no guarantee that your customer really recognises your marketing activities, your tv spots, newsletters, flyers, etc. AND that it works at all for you.

When you want a deep as possible connection of you with your customer, you need a lot more than a newsletter. Your customer wants to feel you care, you take them serious, you value them. They want to be accompanied on their individual travel.

Seelenwellness® online is a great possibility to retain your customer and it is ready within 5 minutes for you. You invite your customer to heal, to transform, to be. No matter where he stands at this very moment.

Seelenwellness® is what it says. Perfect wellbeing for the soul, easiness, health, balance for body, mind and soul. An escort through this tough time when more and more people require balance and inner peace. 

Seelenwellness® includes all levels of your being. Mind, heart and body are considered equally. That is one reason for the high efficiency. 

To have and retain the best employees is intensive work. Even better is when they love the company, are healthy, happy, motivated and grounded.  

All that can be achieved when you offer them Seelenwellness® online.

Whether the practise Yoga with Floating Energy® or whether they meditate. Your employees will love it. They can heal postural deformity, stay fit and flexible, are stress resistent and much less ill. They are grounded and can be calm and balanced also in difficult situations and times. 

What it can be for you, for your employees or / and customers

You receive an indivual offer that fits to you and your company structure. You can start to advertise and offer the services within minutes following your booking.

You can always start with a small offer and get bigger or vice versa.

Basic programme

Meditation and Yoga

Offer your employees or customers:

Mindfulness Meditation online - 30 - 40 Minutes Body Scan - 1 x weekly in German or English language 

Healing Yoga Float - 45 minutes - 1 x weekly in German language (individually for you we can certainly also offer english yoga sessions)

After request you can receive picures and texts in english and german language for your webside and social media.

Invest: from € 150 weekly **

** The scale price refers to the number of beds that you offer. 




Advanced programme


  • full content as offered with Basic
  • plus energy work: once per month activation and attendance to Floating Energy® - Special Soul Healing energy field
  • 10 % rebate on first booking for all private online and distance healing offers from Busines und Spirit.

After your request you can receive pictures and texts in english and german that you can use at your webside and for social media.

Invest: from € 300 weekly **

** The scale prices refer to the number of employees / customers.




Premium programme

The complete solution for your guest, employees, partners and business

Base for Seelenwellness® premium is Seelenwellness® Gold with all services.

You can add on with the following services

  • mindfulness meditation PLUS attendance of your employees and partners
  • For your guests and employees:
    • twice a month online "Glückstalk - happiness talk" - once per month in German, once in English. With the online Glückstalk we open and hold a protected room to talk about actual subjects, questions, impulses, energy quality and spiritual / mental possiblities. All participants get to know new opportunities and perspectives, tools and alternatives to ease their daily life.
  • Individual, spiritual and business consultancy - Business und Spirit like for you (and your leadership team). Where will the journey lead to? What challenges do you face and which opportunities and alternative do you have?
  • A very special highligh: Floating Energy® - System. A mega programme to cleanse your entire business system and get it back to the natural flow.
  • Seelenwellness® directly at your hotel

Please apply here for the premium package.


Cooperation with Michaela Graham

When you start to cooperate with me now, you are a pioneer and you will win with your guest numbers.

As you see, I live spirituality and I am deeply grounded and connected at the same time. That enables me to work with (today) unusual tools and possiblities that achive great results in the here and now.

I am conecting worlds and working with me is grounded and efficient. My history being director in the leadership team of an american enterprise, mental and business coach, as well as my countless trainings in areas like constellation work, energy work, meditation, healing, etc. are always part of the presence.  

I am looking forward to support you and your guests with the endless possibilities of the energy fields. We can create wonders. 

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