Body Scan - mindfulness meditation

30 minutes only for yourself. For your senses. To discover what's within.

Conscious breathing enables you, to get fully aware of your body. You can sense your energy field. Zen monchs call that Hara. To sense this energy is the entrance into the liveliness of the moment. "I am aware of the existence of an energy field, that flows in every cell of my body. I perceive this as liveliness of my inner body. Without any thought. I sense, that there is liveliness within my body and every cell of it." 

Imagine, you enter a room filled with highest energy and light as soon as you log into the meditation. Here everything is ready for you that you need at the given moment.

Like this, you will find your flow within seconds and healing can be initiated at each level of your life.


You can start at any time.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in meditation, you will love it.


You need a computer / smartphone / tablet or similar with integrated camera and audio. When you only want to use the auditive possibilities, it is enough to dial in from your phone. You get all login data as soon as you applied. 

You can select the following possibilities:

  • Beginners - 30 - 40 minutes - Body Scan Meditation without Floating Energy® as background - You will be guided through.
  • Advanced - 30 Minuten - Body Scan Meditation WITH Floating Energy® energy flow as base. In complete silence, withouth guidance. 

To be booked as:

  • Single Session - drop in
    Block of 10 
    - contains 10 meditation sessions
  • Flatrate-Abo (you pay on a monthly base) - contains all sessions within one month

Dates and Invest - Beginner

I invite you to join me in the field of conscious presence. Twice a week we meditate in our online mediation room. One meditation session takes about 30-40 minutes.

You will be fully guided through with a body scan.

You can join each meditation or only one per week, even one per month is possible. You do whatever feels good for you. And what's the best is that you don't have to plan, as you can simply decide a few minutes before the start to log in. 

  • Wednesdays - 8 pm

Your Invest: 

  • Single Session - Drop in: 12 Euro
  • 10 Sessions: 90 Euro 



Dates and Invest - advanced

I invite you to join me into the field of conscious presence. Twice a week we meditate in our online room. We will keep and enjoy complete silence throughout the session.

One session takes 30-40 minutes. Floating Energy® is the base for the meditation. That will enable you to find even easier and faster old patterns, blockades, patterns, in order to accept, transform and heal them. During the meditation you will clearly sense the high energy and frequencies.

I will not provide you with any kind of guidance. And I am here to open and hold the room for you. We will enjoy the stillness. Flow.

  • Wednesdays at 6.30 am (CET)

Your Invest: 

Single session - Drop in: 15 Euro
10 Sessions: 135 Euro 

For advanced.


When your heart opens into the silence, we find our true self.

This true self leads to an expanded consciousness. You will be able to focus onto the beauty within us and around us. Individual and filled with highest frequencies of the group, you can prepare your arrival within. You become aware of the conscious presence. Your true self.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

See you soon. 

Please consider that I am working with high energies and frequencies, in energy fields of pure light. That means that the floating energy can be very strong and perceptible for you. That is good and required for your chance and healing. How strong your perception and feeling ist, how you accept and take on the energy, what your system is "doing" with it, is depending on your own system and soul. I can not and do not influence this. It's your life and your decision. Generelly the light fields are so great that everything is possible for you. And what you take on and transform, is your individual decision respectively the decision of your system / soul. The energies and fields are open an activated for you and you take what is good for you. I can not and do not want to provide any kind of promises.

I am no doctor or any kind of medical practitioner and I work on highest frequent energy levels. Your participation and booking is like everything else in your life your own decision and own personal responsibility.