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I love the Floating Energy® Distance Healing highlights the most of all. And I am with you when you now and again follow your need to meet personally, to have direct contact with me. Due to distances this is often not possible.

And I want that you feel great therefore you find some wonderful offers here. Your well-feeling is my priority that I realise also in the online and live sessions. The space that I open for you is fully protected and filled with Floating Energy®. Like that you can perceive the sessions as I would be sitting on your couch.

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Mindfulness meditation - Live - Online


You can change your entire life when you practise mindfulness meditation on a regular base. Resilience comes from within. It is the competence to get through times of severe change and chaos without damaging your soul. Resilience is only one of the many gains that you get from a regular meditation practise.

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Healing Yoga Flow - Live - Online



We overcome distance and find ourself practising a yoga of infinity. Healing can start when you move your body, calm down your mind and allow your soul to dance. 

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