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All Floating Energy® - Distance Specials are up to date and referring to the moment and frequencies within the universe.

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Floating Energy® - Deep soul healing


Experience deep system healing and unleash your full potential and power. Your system gets back into the natural, powerful flow. Structure, clarity and balance. You can open for and find new impulse and opportunties. 

When your intention is neutral, your system / soul can quickly and efficient clean up for you. You can find new direction, get new solutions. True healing. Expect wonders to happen! 

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Floating Energy® - Crystal Flow


That is a great highlight of energy work. Within this 3 hour long distance healing event, I move you and your system completely out of time, toom and dimension. Like this, your soul can heal, solve, transform, connect, find new direction, on a very deep rooted and stable base. 

This is genius and great. Absolutely stunning.

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Floating Energy® - System Flow - For entrepreneurs and small systems

Get your systems back into the natural flow. For families, teams, small companies, etc

Floating Energy® - System Power


You experience heavy change within your system and surrounding? You have the feeling to lose the ground? Do you feel like pilot controlled? With System Power we free your system from external negativ working resonance. You can feel the free space, get your clarity and decision power back. This programme is very powerful and extensive and is suggested especially for small companies, teams or family systems.


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