Online Live Sessions
(English or German)


Personal session via phone
Everything is possible within one hour.


Power hours for you, your issue / intention. Daily, remote, 2 hours


Picture of me - get insight into your personality - unique, transformative, wonderful


Activate your power. Get an energy kick and reduce stress. Get back into balance.


Anti Aging, fit and beautiful, active, ideal charisma


Re-activate your intuition, get back into the flow of life, get answers to your questions.


Translate your energies to the best for you.


Empowerment Durchstarter - personal programme - within 6 months you can achieve a lot


Empowerment Break through - personal programme - You can unleash your full potential - 1 year.

Expert - System programmes

Get back into the flow. Business und Spirit for organisations, family systems, teams, groups


A personal system set up for your group / family / organisation is intensive, transformative, can change everything within the system.


System Power - unique and best of Change Management - 1 month - highly transformative, intensive, extraordinary, efficient


System Power Plus  - unique and expert change management for intensive change - 2 months - highly efficient, transformative, changing

Systemic Lifecoaching, Business und Spirit, if you want to live the best

Be sure that everything can change once you start to work with Business und Spirit.

Whatever you are searching for at the moment. Whatever seems to keep you steadily away from what you really want to be and experience. 

We can find the root causes to clear your way to be, live and realise that what you want.

Unleash your power and potential

We will find your way to live, be and experience what you really want.

You are worth it to live your full potential. 

The Business und Spirit approach is unique and works like a catalyst for your change.

We work on all possible levels of your being: the mental, emotional, energetic, system, physical, conscious, unconsicous, structure level.
The Business und Spirit approach is holistic to make your change work at each facet of your live.

Floating Energy® is a catalyst that makes change and re-programming possible in short time when normally it would have taken years to accomplish.

Check out here, how you want to start to realise that what you want.

Everything positive is possible for you

And you can realise it.

Go for it! Live, be and experience an extraordinary life.

Your first step is only one call away,

I am looking forward to get in touch with you and your best version.

We will be in touch soon.

I send you affectionate regards



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