Healing Yoga Float

45 minutes for your power and energy. You can not imagine today, how you can form your body and mind within a short time, how relaxed and in balance you can feel each and every day.

We combine floating Yoga movements with static asanas that support building strength and muscle. We challenge your body with controlled and mindful movements. The short breathing sequences let us dig deep into ourselves.

The 10 minutes deep relaxation that we finish with is comparable to a night of sleep. This deep relaxation is the queen of the session. Only with that you can integrate the power and energy and you feel the vibration in each and every cell.

Thanks to the combination of Asanas (muscle stress) and deep relaxation your body gets all support that it needs to unleash its full potential. 

In the advanced sessions you enjoy the floating energy® field that surrounds you and brings you right into your natural flow and power. This is like you enter a room full of energy and light that offers to you everything that your system needs at the given moment.

You enjoy your inner flow and your power and unfold healing and beauty from roots to top.


You can start at any time. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in meditation, you will love it.


You need a computer / smartphone / tablet or similar with integrated camera and audio. When you only want to use the auditive possibilities, it is enough to dial in from your phone. You get all login data as soon as you applied. 

You can select the following possibilities:

Beginners - 45 minutes - Healing Yoga Float without Floating Energy® 
Advanced - 45 Minuten - Healing Yoga Float  WITH Floating Energy® energy 

To be booked as:

Single Session - Drop in
Block of 10 -
contains 10 meditation sessions
Flatrate-Abo (you pay on a monthly base) - contains all sessions within one month

Dates and Invest - Beginners

I invite you to join me with this very efficient and joyful Yoga practice. 

One session takes 45 minutes. In the beginners session there is no Floating Energy® backing up. The sessions are currently guided in German language and as I am practicing myself during the entire session, you will be able to follow the sessions easily.

Tuesdays at 12 (CET)

Your Invest: 

Single session - Drop in: 12 Euro
10 Sessions: 90 Euro 


Dates and invest - advanced

During the advanced sessions Floating Energy is running as back-base. Especially during the relaxation time at the end of each session you will feel the energy frequences and vibarations clearly.

Currently those sessions are guided in German language. As I practise the entire session, you will be able to follow the session easily.

  • Mondays at 7 am  

Your Invest: 

  • Single session - Drop in: 15 Euro
  • 10 Sessions: 150 Euro 

For advanced only.


Stress and relaxation. Balance. Transformation.

I am looking forward to practise with you. 


Please consider that I am working with high energies and frequencies, in energy fields of pure light. That means that the floating energy can be very strong and perceptible for you. That is good and required for your chance and healing. How strong your perception and feeling ist, how you accept and take on the energy, what your system is "doing" with it, is depending on your own system and soul. I can not and do not influence this. It's your life and your decision. Generelly the light fields are so great that everything is possible for you. And what you take on and transform, is your individual decision respectively the decision of your system / soul. The energies and fields are open an activated for you and you take what is good for you. I can not and do not want to provide any kind of promises.

I am no doctor or any kind of medical practitioner and I work on highest frequent energy levels. Your participation and booking is like everything else in your life your own decision and own personal responsibility