Find the strategy that sells

This programme is for you and your business when you 

  • want to increase / find more innovation / new development / diversity / growth / market development
  • are in the midst of challenges and need to initiate change / turnaround 

Strategies, uniqueness and success grow from innovation and innovation can unleash the full power in a game like environment.

Experience days of ease and joy, that will support the best of your organization, that is ready to unfold.

We (re)activate your intution and your experience to receive a pure and efficient organization plan that is realizable and efficient.

Treat yourself and your team with free space in an open and safe frame, that enables you to create the best and feasible version of your organization.

Agile leadership is leadership in motion. If you move, everything moves.

During this unique and special programme you get the complete expertise of Michaela Graham, in her role as strategic consultant, facilitator and project manager, manager and systemic energetic coach and supervisor. 

You can not get any better.

Result: Complete strategy and action plan to act upon

Organization - Clarity:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Who are we
  • Why are we
  • Where do we want to go
  • What do we need (more)
  • How do we get there

Each team member - clarity:

  • What competencies do I have
  • How can I support best
  • How do I want to support 
  • What do I require
  • How do I / my team get what is required

When there is no plan to plan, the plan that can be created is most efficient and feasible.

Place and content

We start ca. 6 weeks before the planned event / workshop

  • Status quo, intention, target plan
    We will visit you in your organization to commonly agree on the target of the sessions, to get an overview of the system, the status quo and the opportunities - duration - 3 hours
  • Preparation, base for the workshop
    ca. 4 weeks before the workshop all participants will receive a frame work from us, that we will have agreed with you. This frame work contains questions, subjects, targets, that are to be achieved during the 4 days workshop. All participants will be asked to prepare their own SWOT analysis before the meeting starts. This will provide a great base for all to enable a meaningful and efficient workshop.  

Best prepared we meet at the wonderful paradise, the Posthotel in Achenkirch. At this place of power, surrounded by the alpes we will create the best.


  • Start the day with a Meditation (optional) to blow unneeded staff our of the minds
  •  9 - 12 Uhr - workshop
  • 12 - 13 Uhr - lunch
  • 13 - 17 Uhr - enjoy yourself and your ideas while using the unique packages of the Posthotel. While you let go, your innovation and ideas flow like you have never experienced it before
  • 17 - 19 Uhr - workshop - „Connect the lose ends“ - planning for the next day.

From 9 am to 8 pm you and your team can book personal coaching sessions with Michaela and team.

Michaela works on and with your system during the entire time systemically and energetic - without your active input. She cleans up, shakes the system, releases, connects lose dots, creates free space for the system to flow and the innovations and ideas to come.

Each participant will experience clarity and orientation, that is unique and future oriented on a personal level and during the workshop hours 

** Day 1 - Get together and start at 10 am / Day 4 is finished after lunch. You will leave the hotel with a complete planning for your organization that you can realise and implement from day 1 when back in the organization.

We are looking forward to you and to your unique strategy

... when you want to make a difference within your company to achieve the best possible

... when you want to build the success of your organization upon the best possible base conditions 

Please send us a note with a short description of your organization, the topic of change and your intention and targets.

We will get back to you asap.



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