Key moments

System work can start when the operational hand over is completed.

Changes like leadership change are complex and require highest awareness and empathy.

We work from the root to the top and as such we can provide you / your organization with a healthy and stable base, a nourishing ground, where growth, innovation, motivation and success can unfold. The results are sustainable and efficient.

We are convinced that leadership change can be successful in the longterm only when considering the conscious and unconscious level, starting from the roots.

As such we are your best cooperation partner as we bring many years and cases of high systemic and operational experience and success.

Just continue...

... is one of many approaches that you have and that will limit you in your leadership efficiency and the potential of your organization. 

Considering the systemic laws, we know that changing leadership means nothing for the system as such. In the background of the system the old rules, patterns and personalities continue to work unconsciously for or against the system.

To make the cultural change the best chance for you as leader and for your organization as such, we

  • shake the system and bring it back into the flow, that fits to the new leadership style, culture, intention and targets
  • work within the unconscious system connections and information and transform where required
  • adjust the system from root to top to the new leadership and culture

As such the system is supporting you in your leadership role, in realising your targets and plans for the future. The cultural change is realised from the very start and coming from the roots, from within the system.

It is similar to moving into a new house. Here you will often find energies and relicts from your predecessors. The more visible and unvisible relicts you will find / feel within the new house, the less free space you will have for your own staff and energies. In a house, that is still fully packed with old staff, you, your family have no chance, to unfold.

In an organizational system, that is still fully packed from old rules, behaviour, patterns and guidelines, you as leader and your employees and teams have no chance to unfold, no chance to become successful in the longterm.

The Business und Spirit approach is comparable to Feng Shui for your system / organization.


Opportunities for you and your organization

  • Energetic systemic work prepares the organizational system for the change in creating free space and base / breeding ground.
  • During the energetic systemic work you will get momentum for action, that you, your team will implement. We support you with supervision, consulting and at operational level.
  • Where (more) commitment / trust is required by the employees, you and your leadership team are able to support and mediate together with us. During workshops and coachings with you, your leadership team, your employees, we create fast and pragmatically clarity, free space and trust at all levels.
  • Our offer and expertise is holistic. Thanks to many years of operational and leadership background we know exactely where and how we can meet you and your employees best. Thanks to energetic systemic work that is always running in the background, we can achieve the best together.


Your invest depends on the status quo, your targets and your intention.

During a first call we will have the possibility to commit on feasibility and basic conditions. Subsequently we will have one day in your organization to set up the plan for the next steps together.

Our goal is, to achieve your intention and targets as soon as possible. This is usually guaranteed by our approach that enables us to work with less direct cooperation and / or meetings.

Leadership change is cultural change and as such influenced by many systemic, energetic, human and operational factors. Therefore we usually assume a medium to longterm cooperation of 1 year or more.

We guarantee quickest possible success that is sustainable. That's what we stand for.

We are looking forward to you and to your system

... when you want to make a difference within your company to achieve the best possible

... when you want to build the success of your organization upon the best possible base conditions 

Please send us a note with a short description of your organization, the topic of change and your intention and targets.

We will get back to you asap.



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