Energetic systemic constellation for your organization

When you need clarity, alternatives and solutions as fast as possible, we invite you (and your team) to a Business und Spirit energetic systemic constellation work shop.

We guarantee solution when your organization is suffering from:

  • stagnant / regressive order receipt
  • conflicts (open or smoldering)
  • (hidden) mis-communication
  • projects fail or stagnate
  • no / wrong / late decision making
  • high fluctuation of key employees within the organisation

Workflow / results to be expected

When you experience trouble or up- and downturns (success and failure / passion and de-motivation, etc.) in your organisation it is very often the case that inconscious / hidden blockades, old beliefs, effect the system to prevent success.

During our workshop we set up your system together, make you aware of all factors that influence the system and change / transform / release the situations and hurdles that are destructive. We shake your system in order to get it back into the free flow.

It's your own choice whether you want to have your team within the workshop or whether you want to work with Michaela in a one to one session.

As soon as your system is free from the unconsciously working entanglements and connections, patterns and believes, etc. you will experience clarity in communication, cooperation, implementation and efficiency.

You / your team will get clear impulses and tools to act upon and to implement.


Half a day is your time invest. System flow - on all levels - is your result.

It is not necessary, to have your team attending and it is optional for up to 10 team members to join. If you plan to invite more than 10 employees to the workshop, please send us a note, we will find a solution.

Es ist nicht nötig, dass Dein Team dabei anwesend ist und es ist möglich, dass bis zu 10 Personen mitarbeiten. 

Location: your organization

Kosten: 900 Euro plus VAT (plus travel costs for Michaela Graham)

It is possible that you (or the head of the relevant system) and Michaela do the constellation and system flow via phone / skype. In that case the cost for 4 hours are 800 Euro plus VAT. 




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