Supervision, Mediation, Consulting, Coaching.

We cooperate with organizations in the areas of leadership, organizational development, collaboration and cooperation during challenges and in demanding change processes.

We get your system (back) into the flow.

Our holistic approach enables us, to always find the right solution, even in situations that seem to be desperate.

We consider the wholeness of your organization, connecting economic and personal success.

Our passion is to support you, to gain clarity and orientation / stability, to strengthen the courage and trust to handle change and development optimally, to unleash tools, potential and opportunities in order to implement the results in your daily business life.

The fast and efficient activation and usage of all resources and potential available within your organisation is our focus. As such we consider the conscious and the unconscious potential of your organisation (system) as well as the human potential, systems, connections and entanglements.

We always work on both levels, the conscious and unconscious level, to unleash and apply the full power of your systems. You will find more information here. Is a road block dissolved, it's for ever released. We work step by step, issue by issue until the system is back in flow.

It is mandatory for our successful cooperation that we work and cooperate directly with the leader / head of the relevant system.

Energetic systemic organisation consulting with Business und Spirit

to free your system and bring it back to flow.

Here you will find an excerpt of formats that we developed according to our experience with various organizational systems.

Working with us is structured and individually customized to you, your team, your organizational system.

Systemic with us is highly efficient and effective. Therefore it is a good idea if you get in contact with us before you book any kind of format.



Formats are suggestions

In case of greater challenges and more complex requirements we are looking forward to your message or phone call.

Leadership change in small / medium organizations


Change of leadership is change of culture, that effects the roots of a system. More than with any other change old / former system patterns effect the system. It's like the old patterns and culture are written into the DNA of the system. Step by step the system needs to be transformed, exchanged.

We transform your change into a chance, that is sustainable and efficient.


Create and realize your strategic plan and innovation


Innovation and new impulses, opportunities and alternatives can be initiated in an atmosphere of openess and within a free space. When the mind is free, you can create the best.

Wihin 4 days we will guide you to the best (strategic) plan ever. Hands-on we tap into the experience, potential and knowledge that is available within the team. To create the best plan that is ready for implementation, when you leave on day 4.


Get your system back to flow

Dissolve system blockades that prevent your success.


When situations repeat, projects fail, implementation stagnates. When employees are de-motivated, communication is disruptive and delays decisions,... Than systemic works at its best. Uncoscious systemic forces effect your organisation system. We make aware, transform and shake the system from within and get your organisation back into the flow.
Energetic systemic constellation - intensive, transforming, optimising. 



System Power


Change Management at its best. With little time invest from your side we provide your organizational system with fresh energy, we dissolve road blocks and hurdles within the system and make it ready for the change to be realised - 1 month - highly transforming, changing, efficient


Change Management intensive


System Power Plus starts where change management has expired - for extreme challenges - highly transforming, changing, efficient  With little time invest from your side we dive deep into your system. We clean up, sort, generate and create free space for the change to become realised on a strong base. Success with System Power Plus is greater than you can imagine and it's sustainable. 


For you in your private and business life



Working with Business und Spirit supports and enables you to give your life and experiences a new direction, to unleash your full potential. For change and greater living within your business and/or personal life.


We are looking forward to you and to your system! Greetings to you,