Energize me - solve your issue(s) now and live, experience the life, that you want.

Energize me - distance healing programmes are perfect for you, when you want to solve a given issue as easy and efficient as possible. The intensive month-long packages are individual, highly efficient, extensive and ingenious. You can expect wonders in your life.

When you want to know more about efficiency and possibilities, you find HERE more information.

Basic - Floating Energy® remote session

Testing -  SOS - fast acting remedy - energy shot - support - transformation - change of awareness

Floating Energy® Special - Daily bookable - two hours - remote


This sequence of daily programmes is perfect for you, when you have never worked with energetic (remote) work before or when you simply want to fill up, enhance, support energy regarding a specific issue.

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Intensive - Energize me - Floating Energy® - 1 month - remote

You want to invest as little time as possible with greatest results for you? The energize me - monthly packages are individually customized to you - intensive, wonderful, healing, extensive, transforming, renererating,...

We suggest a first personal session with Michaela Graham, that you can book here. Why? Often there are hidden / unconscious aspects behind your intention and requirements, that we solve beforehand to open the door for your true intentions to come to life. Like that your monthly package can truely unfold the best for you.

Floating Energy® - Deep soul healing


Your system can recover and heal from the depth to initiate the best for you. Your system gets back into the natural, powerful and energy spending flow. Orientation, clarity, balance can provide you with precious impulses and opportunities.

True healing and recovery is possible. Be open for wonders! 

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Floating Energy® Be young


You are born to be and feel young, beautiful and active. With that powerful programme we free your system from all factors that work (un)consciously against you, limit your health, activity, power, beauty, stamina, charisma. 

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Floating Energy® plus Coaching - intuition, unleash your potential


A true highlight when you want to unleash your intuition, feel wholeness, activate your mind-soul connection and unfold / re-activate your (spritual) potential.

Here we connect private sessions (via phone) with Floating Energy® remote programmes. Unique in effectiveness and results! 

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Floating Energy® plus Coaching - plant your seeds right into the earth


Stephan's way of coaching is unique. He combines logic with unconscious mind. With that you will find clarity in the most tricky situations.

As energetic power shot for the results received, you will get your individual energetic "app", that serves as energy translator / accelerator for you.

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Floating Energy® - System Flow - For sole traders and systems

Get your system(s) back into the flow. Business und Spirit for entrepreneurs, startups, teams, family systems, etc.

Floating Energy® - System Power


You perceive / live within a period of strong change that provides you with a feeling to loose your grounding, your base? With system power we free your system from external vibrancy that influences you(r system) negatively. You will feel free space again to get back into your own highest energy and power, to be ready for your easy and right decisions.

This powerful and highly transformative programme is very deep rooted and is great for you when you lead your own organisation, when you feel stuck within your (family)system or when you feel like externally controlled.

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