Floating Energy® - distance session - intensive individual session

Wonder-ful, healing, intensive. For all levels of your be-ing and beyond.

I work with you applying the Floating Energy® - distance healing approach. Working with me means working individually and intuitively. You and your deepest desire, your system decide the very next step.

I don't need any information from you. Already at the time of your booking, I can sense you and your system, the blockades, the issues behind the issues, the root causes and system connections. That saves you time and invest.

Mostly the triggers and root causes are different to what you thought. When you know me personally you know that already. Certainly, your trust ist required. I always work to your highest well, release everything that is visible during that hour. 

This session is very intensive and fully packed. Often, I lift your soul out of time, space and dimension in order to work at the deepest possible level. Therefore it is obligatory that you reserve time for this session. You can sleep, meditate, relax. It is important that you don't work with machines, drive or do activities that need your full mental / physical presence.

You don't need to do anything and it is always a good idea that you care for yourself, drink a lot of water, move outside in nature.

Let me know please, when you drink alcohol at the day when you have your Floating Energy® remote session. In that case I will have to neutralise the information. Generelly it is a good idea that you don't drink alcohol on that day.

My uniqueness for your uniqueness.

Working with me is similar to a fitness programme. The more continuously you work on your intention, the more intensive you realise the impulses that you get thanks to our work, the more you stick to your intention, the more you can achieve.

Many problems have multi layers. Some problems can be solved within one hour. How much effort, time and invest an issue required depends on the situation. Your system, your systems, your soul will always accept, integrate and transform as much solution and energy as it can work an cope with. You will get and work with as many impulses and insights as you can cope with. We solve as much as is possible at a given time.

And from here we walk to the root cause of the problem step by step, layer by layer.

Like that you will feel more and more free, more and more of your true potential can unleash. 

The duration for our cooperation fully depends on you and your needs.

Already one session can push you forward a lot.

One personal remote session with me  

Cost: € 150,- incl. German VAT  

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If you want to extend and optimise the potency of your personal session, you can additionally book a Floating Energy® package.