Coaching in motion - Break your limits!



Make it easy, enjoy a relaxing and nourishing time in the midst of nature, on a mountain,... and solve your issues, find your decision. In a relaxed state you have all the power and free space that you need to find what you want.

For myself and with countless many clients we could let the biggest challenges on the mountain, found great new solutions, powerful decisions, new direction, orientation and clarity. And the greatest is, that it doesn't feel for you like "working on it". In this powerful state you can achieve and find everything.

I invite you to this great and powerful adventure to unleash your full potential, find your decisions and direction.

You want to / need to change somethin in your life? You feel somehow trapped within your daily life and environment? Your connections and partnership could be much better? You feel unfit in one or the other area of your life? You need to make a very hard decision? You face a big challenge?

Follow me onto the mountain, into the nature! With your motion you bring motion into your life.

The mountains, fresh air, highest energies of nature provide you with intensive power that can initiate far more change within and for you than you would ever experience during a "normal" session.

We can use the flow of nature and the high energies for your best. Your mind get's free space, important things get more claritiy, you find orientation and possibilities for your next step.

Get to know yourself even better. Free yourself from old patterns and systemic connections and live the life you want.

The very special format for you

That's it:

  • We agree on our appointment and place to meet. Duration of the event will be around 3 hours.
  • We meet in time at the respective place
  • Start! Onto the mountain, into the nature, having loads of fun with our activities and enjoy. (I offer the following activities: Skiing, Cross Country skiing, Skitouring, Hiking, Walking)
    • New directions - Coaching, Supervision, change of perspective and talking. For your change, clarity, orientation, solutions, decisions, innovation.
    • Motion - You just want to move in nature and enjoy, fill up with highest possible energies, get more power and insight? You can pit your strengths and enjoy fun, fill up your system and increase your power and energy.
    • Energetic work - during our entire event we will be backed up by Floating Energy®. I will active your individual energy field that you can enjoy fully customized to your needs and requirements. That will boost your intention and solution to the highest possible level.

Let me know the issue that you want to solve, the target / intention that you want to achieve / the limit that you want to break / the activity that you intend to do with me and we will see each other soon.

I am not a mountain / climbing / skiing guide and you can feel absolutely safe to be on the mountain with me. Please consider that the event is no training of the relevant sport.

Duration of the event is about four hours. – You decide where, when and what.

Preis: 300 Euro incl. VAT

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What do you want to achieve?



  • You feel stressed out and burned out and want to fill up your energy and power reserves.
  • You find yourself trapped within recurring patterns, behaviour, reactions, emotions,..?
  • You need new direction, ideas, perspectives?
  • You need answers or solutions?
  • You are faced with big challenges and important decisions to make?
  • You want to get to know about the very next step in your life?
  • You face undefined fear and phobia and sometimes feel like externally controlled?
  • You have fear of hights, of letting go, of closeness, of change?
  • You are faced with any kind of compulsion?
  • You want to enjoy more fun / success / love / partnership - simply a change to the best?
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