When you change your perspective, you will find what you are searching for.

All solution, all insight is already within you.

Sometimes we tend to be so caught within a problem, that we can simply not see any possibilities, exit or solutions.

I support you with my psychic and mediumistic expertise from outside to inside. Like that we enlarge your line of sight until you can clearly see the possibilities, solution and opportunities.

I will activate your personal energy field during the session so that you will perceive free space within and around you from the first minute, to receive impulses and innovation and to find clarity and direction.

I invite you to your individual Floating Energy® room of perspectives, where everything is possible for you.

Working with me is following the Business und Spirit approach. You, your intention, your issue decide how we will work.

You save time as we don't need any kind of preliminary talk. We start immediately to dive into your issue and solution. Already with your booking I can perceive you and your system, I see blockades and issues behind the issues.

For more meaning, joy, life quality, health, wealth, balance, success,...

Impulse for you

How often and how long you will cooperate with me refers to your individual system and requirements.

Already one session can move a lot. 

Session via phone - duration - 30 minutes

  • Supervision, coaching, consulting, energetic work
  • Personal session via phone
  • Energetic systemic work - Business und Spirit approach

Cost: € 150,- incl. VAT.

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You can intensify and optimize the efficiency when you add a Floating Energy® programme.