Coaching with us is down to earth, individual personal and profound

We start exactely where you are today. From here we move step by step, exactely as far as that is good for you/your system at the given point in time.

The solutions that we will find, have an immediate effect and already while we are in the process you can feel the free space and the relaxed feeling.

We work step by step and solve / release what your system / sould makes visible at the given time. Your intention, your target, your decision are our guide and compass.

We work in a combination of systemic, energetic expertise that save time on your side and support the efficiency of the result. As soon as you provide us with your allowance, we can see your system with the blockades, connections, road blocks... that are important for your actual intention / issue. We work on all levels of your being. Once solved, the issue is solved at the deepest possible level.

Michaela's experience and knowledge as human, coach, leader and organisational talent are supporting the tools and possibilities that you get.

We will find solutions, direction, opportunities and ways, that you can integrate within your daily life. 

We focus on getting you / your system back to your flow. Only there you can be, experience and do the best.

Whether you require / need solutions for your personal or professional life, in your role as a leader or referring to your environment, your standing in life,... Whether you want to heal, change, find flow or free space or simply strive to be happy. We will find the right solution for and together with you.

Business und Spirit Coaching - personal session


Your requirement, your issue(s), your intention and target are our guidance.

For you, your personal / professional issues and requirements. You receive solutions, new impulses, tools, knowhow. We solve systemic, emotional, mental, energetic blockades and get back your system into the flow. Internally and externally.

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Change your perspective to get to solutions


Sometimes a simple view from the outside can support you to understand your situation and to move on with (new) clarity, target driven, with passion and joy. Often we can cut a knot that frees space for new direction, for better and easier decisions.

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Coaching in motion


We can move a lot while we move. Being outside, the nature supports your free mind. Coaching in motion is YOUR highlight, because here we unfold and unleash your full potential while having fun and enjoy being at ease.

This format is perfect for you when you have to make important (life/business) decisions, when you want to change direction, need clarity, want to step into a greater field of change.


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Position fixing - quo vadis?


You want to understand where you are at the moment and where to go from here?
Than you will get your very special and deeply rooted position fixing.

Your energy and personal profile 


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Floating Energy® plus Coaching - intuition, unleash your potential


A true highlight when you want to unleash your intuition, feel wholeness, activiate your mind-soul connection and unfold / re-activate your (spritual) potential.

Here we connect private sessions (via phone) with Floating Energy® remote programmes. Unique in effectiveness and results! 

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Floating Energy® plus Coaching - plant your seeds right into the earth


Stephan's way of coaching is unique. He combines logic with unconscious mind. With that you will find clarity in the most tricky situations.

As energetic power shot for the results received, you will get your individual energetic "app", that serves as energy translator / accelerator for you.

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Break through - your exclusive programme - direct and personal

Unleash your full potential, your power and personality to the fullest. Stay close to what your really want and get into action to change the way you want - 6 or 12 months to change your life.

You can apply to this exclusive programme to achieve personal targets, as personal development accelerator or as training to become a Business und Spirit systemcoach / energy coach with certificate for your professional practise.



Go! - personal training - exklusive, intensive, unique -  6 months


Break through - personal training - exklusive, transforming, unique, intensive - TRAINING - 1 year