You can choose, how fast and how much you want to change

Now is the time for your life, laugh and love.

The online and distance healing offers are unique and special. Your mind can stay calm and therefore you will experience some of the most successful and efficient tools for you to fully heal on each and every level of your life. You don't need to invest much time by achieving greatest results.

It is my intention that you recognize and experience yourself as you truely are, in order to live and be your essence, your greater purpuse. It's your birth right to be healthy, happy, abundant, in peace and full power, that you experience deep and true love and light within and surrounding you. You are far greater that you would guess today. All that belongs to you is ready to enhance you. You can open your heart and your system to accept and live. Now and here. Is the right time.

I want to ease your trip to become your complete self, therefore you can book all programmes immediately and most of them you can even start at the moment of booking. Floating Energy® supports all programmes.

When you click onto the button, you can book your requested programme within one minute via Digistore. You receive your appointement reservation, invoice and included downloads at the time of booking.

Floating Energy® Find me

I see and transform within your energyfield (system), what's required for you to get back into your flow.


Here you find a special format of Floating Energy® - Distance Healing, that you can book and start immeditaley. Floating Energy® - Find me is customized to you and your intention, works intensive, transforming, power-ful.

When you book a day or a week programme, the Floating Energy® distance sessions serve you as quick energy kick, SOS or to support your personal sessions. Support your coachings, refresh your energy level or "simply" get a power and energy kick. When you want to change / transform sustainably, your system needs more time. Get the 21 days for your deep transformation.

The Find Me Highlight is the light room, soul healing energy field, that can solve and transform everything on the highest possible frequence. Here the motto is: "transform & enlighten me".

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Floating Energy® - Online events

We see each other in our online room at Zoom.


So cool! And you will perceive that it is like we are in one room physically together. We use the energy of the group and at the same time you can enjoy your usual environment. You save time and we overcome distance. The virtue is absolutely the same. 

I am looking forward to seeing you in our online room. All events here are live. For you. You are worth it.

Mindfulness meditation

Healing Yoga Float


Coaching - Business und Spirit

Spiritual Coaching with me means, that we highlight the aspects of your (business) life where you desire more flow.


When you prefer personal and one to one coaching, we offer a variety of formats that work from the roots to the top on highest possible level in your entire system. Unique, special, transforming, extensive.
I can see and transform within your energyfield (system) what your system desires to get back into the flow, to enjoy, live and experience what you want.  

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Exclusively, personal and sustainable - your adventure LIFE.


Two very special highlights with Business und Spirit are the Break through programmes. Whether you want to break through to unleash your full potential or whether you want to follow through to the certification in order to be a professional Buiness und Spirit catalyst for change. You will experience very intensive and personal programmes that will definetely enable you to unleash your super nature.

Enjoy exclusive and personal time for you and your best with Michaela Graham at most wonderful power places in the alps. Wellness for your soul

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Webinars for you



We offer a mix of personal and group sessions - mainly in German language - on Sofengo.


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Meditations and books for you


Books and meditations are fast and easy to apply energy shots for you. The majority is currently offered in German language. All meditations and books are backed up with Floating Energy®. Get inspired!

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