System set up and healing – Floating Energy® System Power

For complex systems, organisations, family systems, teams.

This is the energy booster for your organisation, for the systems that you lead...

We release and erase the unconscious and conscious blockades, patterns, rules and road blocks that are within and around your (organisational) system.
The result can be amongst others: easy, fast and right decisions, increased sense of responsibility, faster and more directed realisation of strategies, projects, targets, peace, motivation, harmony, success, unique ideas and impulses.

When you face precarious times and challenges that extremely affect your business, employees, formats, etc.

When you are in the need of new impulses, ideas, formats.

Clarity, valuation, change management, system flow, leadership, responsibility, success, smooth and open communication.

The Floating Energy® System Power package harmonises the system flow within your organisation, within the systems you lead. When the flow is back to normal, the organisational work flows, processes, projects, changes and activities can get accelerated and realised faster and with less effort. Communication will be more constructive and open, conflicts will be transformed into solutions.

The package is perfect for you if you face challenges, changes, stagnation, major issues / repeating issues and situations, lack of decision making, conflicts, lack of responsibility, lack of leadership behaviour, cultural issues, etc. within your organisation.

The following is included in the System Power package.

  • We start with one hour personal session with you, to clarify your intention, your target, your request. During that personal session we start with the first clearing and purification, release and de-block of your personal system. As you lead the system, we start working with you and from there we go step by step into your system.

  • During two additional personal sessions (1 hour each) you get a big variety of ideas, information, impulses, that facilitate your decisions and enable you to realise and act upon changes fast and efficient, that result from the released system flow.

  • Once per week we shake your system (=we work individually within your system and on your system flow). Shaking your system works remote.  Direct contact with you is madatory as shhaking your system brings your organisation immediate, intensive and sustainable change on all affected levels of the organisation. 

  • Daily Floating Energy®: on a daily base your personal and your organisational system receive the system power energy, that improves the natural flow of the organisation, empowers the system, re-activates potential and resources, brings back high energy, clarity and power. You can experience the Floating Energy® when targets and changes, visions and missions are realised even more successful and smoothly.

  • When you as leader of the system have ** an important meeting, presentation or private situation, that directly affect your organisation, you will be supported virtually by your individual Floating Energy® System Power energy, that eases the situation for you and supports you to be on your highest possible level of power, self-confidence and clarity. You will feel clarity and ease for important decisions. According to your high energy level the situations and decisions can have a high positive effect on the result that you will experience.

** In order to provide you with Floating Energy® System Power energy in time and as required, it is mandatory that you inform us with your booking about the respective dates (up to 2 dates per month are included, you can book more optionally)

Please consider that working with Floating Energy ® System Power can effect very deep and heavy impact on your system. We work with high-frequent fields and energies and with system constellation energies that can and will effect fast change. It is absolutely required during the full month, that you always and at any time take on your responsibility, to realise the system changes, where required, on operational level. Even more than in other Floating Energy® packages it is definitely required and mandatory, that you do, realise, support the system change. 

If you already worked with Business und Spirit, after a first contact with Michaela Graham or when you are experienced with energetic work you can 

Book here


Otherwise, please book your phone session here to clarify, if this powerful energy package is the perfect for you, your system, your needs and requirements. 

During the Floating Energy® System Power sessions there is nothing to consider or to do for you and your employees. You can move and do whatever you like. 

Duration of Floating Energy® – System Power! – 1 month – You define the start!

Cost: 5.000 Euro plus 19% German VAT

The more flow the success! 

Please consider that the energies and energy fields that I work with are high-frequent and strong energies that you can experience very intensively. This is important to enable the change that you want. How intensively you feel the Floating Energy®, how you and your system process it and what you "do" with it, is not within the power of Business und Spirit. It is your decision and the decision of your system, the soul(s) of your system. Generally the Floating Energy® is so strong that everything is possible. And what you make and get out of it is your decision. I prepare and provide you with your individual fit of Floating Energy® and you take what is best for you. I can not and don't want to give any promises.

I am no medical practitioner in any form. I work with high-frequent energies and energy fields. Your booking and participation is your own decision and responsibility.