Floating Energy® – Inner wisdom

You want to find out what is the meaning of your life? Where is your place in life and how can you contribute and enjoy fulfillment? You want to know your direction, feel clarity and gain independence?

With this Floating Energy® package I activate your access to your unconsciousness, to your heart, to your inner wisdom where you can find the clarity, the independence and the answers you are searching for.

Clarity, answers, direction, meaning, guidance, independence, activate your superhuman nature and your full potential.

Whatever you need to live, be and experience your life and environment as you want is already within you. With this Floating Energy® package it can be possible for you to get into a steady high level of energy and power, that works relaxing and empowering for you. I activate your access to your unconscious wisdom that can enable you to live and decide faster and independently.

You can feel connected and you enjoy your free space that protects you and at the same time provides you with power and strength, self-confidence and wisdom.

If you activate your access to your inner wisdom, you can be fast and directed in a state of pure clarity. Accordingly you find all answers to your questions within you and you will know, which next step you need to go to enjoy life as you want it.

During the two personal sessions I directly access your unconscousness in order to provide you with your own answers. I will release and delete what is actually there to open your access to your inner wisdom and I will work with mental, emotional, energetic and systemic methods. You can consciously re-programme your mind according to what you want.

Additional to the Floating Energy® remote treatements you will receive:

  • Two personal sessions via phone or Skype are full coaching sessions. I access your unconscious wisdom to answer your questions and I provide you with impulses and access to new methods that enable you to live and enjoy life in your daily life. We work on all levels of your life. Each sessions respects your intention and the actual requirement that you, your system shows. We work on mental, emotional, energetic, system, physical levels to support your change. You can receive a new kind of access to your body, your body intelligence will be activated and supported. We do everything possible at the given time to empower you to live, be and experience the life and environment that you want, to live your full potential.

Please book your personal sessions HERE or during your order process. 

Duration of Floating Energy® – Inner wisdom – 1 month – You define the start!

Cost: 600 Euro 

If you access your inner wisdom you are free.



Please consider that the energies and energy fields that I work with are high-frequent and strong energies that you can experience very intensively. This is important to enable the change that you want. How intensively you feel the Floating Energy®, how you and your system process it and what you "do" with it, is not within the power of Business und Spirit. It is your decision and the decision of your system, your soul. Generally the Floating Energy® is so strong that everything is possible. And what you make and get out of it is your decision. I prepare and provide you with your individual fit of Floating Energy® and you take what is best for you. I can not and don't want to give any promises.

I am no medical practitioner in any form. I work with high-frequent energies and energy fields. Your booking and participation is your own decision and responsibility.

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