Floating Energy® - Energy Shot


Your power shot. Less than 5 minutes are enough for you to get out of the collective and dig into your true being, your life.

power - high energy - clarity - best decisions - connection with your true self - balance - awareness - feeling grounded, protected, connected - be in the present moment - joy - highest frequencies. 

Filled with highest Floating Energy® - pure light frequencies and pure power from the devine dimensions of the 87th level.

Clean yourself with the golden light from the creators dimension.Get into the here and now. Feel connected, protected, safe. Feel your claritiy and your supernature that you are.

It needs only a short energy shot to bring you back to your own power. You feel and sense your own truth. From here you get back to your daily life. Grounded, protected, connected. Everything is possible for you when your energy field is build up fully and completely. 

For your quick energy shot that works sustaining and that you can repeat as often as you want daily. 

  • Do you have the feeling of "flying" somtimes?
  • Is you head turning around?
  • Do you lose things or forget things often?
  • Are you in an endless spirale of thoughts often?
  • Do you feel cought in a rat race?
  • Do you need a clear mind for important decisions?
  • Do you search for a quick qay to get into highest frequencies at any time?
  • Do you have any kind of fear or compulsion or pressure that seems to be coming from within?

Sometimes we simply don't have time for more. The energy frequencies are so high that everything is possible faster and faster. 

Enjoy the 5 minutes to get back into your own inner power, dig into the present moment. 

The power shot works great as quickie for more power, clarity, energy. You can repeat it as often as you feel for it and you can mix it with your Floating Energy® programmes. 

You receive the full power of Floating Energy®. Enjoy!

The meditation was recorded in the middle of a river. The natural power and universal energies are floating right into your field. Enjoy the full power on the material and energetic level.

Duration: less than 5 minutes

Cost: 13,10 Euro

Get your Power. Now.