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Floating Energy® is the highlight of Business und Spirit. Working with Floating Energy® offers a fast and easy to use possibility for you to reconnect with your intuition, your inner voice, your unconsciousness, your best version.

I apply this high frequent energy like I am breathing. It is a natural part of my life and work.

Business und Spirit with Floating Energy® and working at all levels of your being can be your catalyst for change that you can accomplish within a relative fast time where you normally would have taken years.

Floating Energy® is a neutral form of high-frequent energy up to the point when you have the intention to get it working for you, for your change. 
Starting with your intention, I customize the Floating Energy® to your individual requirements and needs. The Floating Energy® works for you similar to a transmitter that re-activates your own energy, accelerates your change and re-programming. In your cells, in your structure and in your system the Floating Energy® will work for you to support your change and that what you want. You can reconnect with your inner voice and wisdom that supports you to find your meaning in life, to unfold your potential, to enjoy life and everything that comes along with it at each level of your being.

In simple terms: I switch on your own inner "button" to reconnect to high-frequencies, to accomplish what you want faster and easier than you ever would have thought is possible.

That means that Floating Energy® always works for you and it works even more efficient the more conscious you integrate everything in your daily life.

One great thing with the Floating Energy® packages is that you get the full range of wisdom, competence and tools, the optimum of efficiency while you save time because the major work I do virtually and in the background. In all packages I mix the Floating Energy® and the individual transmitter to your high-frequent energy fields with virtual online coaching, system constellation, mental, emotional, energetic coaching and training, to unlock and release old patterns, mind distorters, blockades etc. that prevent you from living and experiencing what you want.

The Floating Energy® packages are highly efficient and the high frequent energies and fields are individually customized to your needs and to your intention and wishes.

I can see you, your inner and outer system, your potential and the blockades that are actually important to let go or to grow for your next step to change and to live what you want.

The Floating Energy® events are your perfect choice

You have one burning situation/issue that constantly seems to repeat in your life. You can guess the pattern and situation and you are fed up with repeating it. Maybe you already tried a lot and nothing seemed to have worked for you.

  • You want answers to your questions now. You want to have more clarity and more meaning in your life. You want to know what is your meaning in life and how you do get there. You are fed up with dead ends and loops and you want to live and experience your potential. You want to bring meaning into your life and you want to contribute and grow. You want to reconnect to your inner wisdom and get the right answers from within. - Inner Wisdom

  • You want to support your mental, emotional, physical change and be in a steady high-frequent energy and power state that provides you with easiness and flow in your daily life. You want to reconnect with your power, de-stress and you want to express and experience your power and success. You want to realise your ideas, feel in your flow, be even more successful, with less feeling stressed. - Power Booster

  • You want to feel young, fit and vital. You want to be active and emanate your beauty and charisma. You want to enjoy life and feel full of energy and power. - Be young.

  • You want to take up speed - to fully unfold your potential and live and experience what you want. You want to optimise your efficiency, your health, your leadership strengths, your spare time available, your energy, your relationships, etc. Take the "plus" events, that include personal coaching sessions where we work with your mind and conscious being to boost the change on mental, emotional, physical level.  - power booster plus

  • You want to exceed your limits, transform your fear, get ready for your next step to your extraordinary life. - break your limits.
  • System power and system power plus are highly efficient Floating Energy® events for your organisation and for the systems that you lead. For both packages I require that you already know my work and that you have already worked with me.

The choice of Floating Energy® events and packages is power full and efficient and all packages are individually customized to you, your status quo, your situation and needs, your wishes and intentions. 

Effectiveness of Floating Energy®

As already said - all Floating Energy® events are high-frequent energy events. I prepare your Floating Energy® individually for you and your requirements, needs and wishes.

The Business und Spirit work is based on a unique mix of business, coaching and optimised methods of the quantum and matrix energy. You can find more information about my work and the unique method here.

I customize each and every Floating Energy® package individually and personally to you, your wishes, needs and requirements. We erase and eliminate blockades, old patterns and not any more required conditioning directly at the root cause. You can be positively surprised about the results. Everything that you want is possible. You only need to stick to it. You can change your whole life or a part of it. Whatever your wish is. You can make it real, now.

Already one month of Floating Energy® can change a lot and as with everything in life:

If you have bigger issues and if you want to realise great changes and greatest targets, your continuity and your will to change is required. The ME experience® is a programme that enables you to work continuously for a given time frame with me to accomplish your change in a smooth and sustainable way.

It's my goal, to empower you as fast as possible to achieve your result and target and to train you to take over full control about your life and everything that comes along with it. For your fulfillment, for your joy and success in life.

Each and every human brings a different number of issues, root causes, conditioning. That means that the duration of cooperating with me is as individual as you are. 

And again - everything great is possible, if you really want that.

I am looking forward to you!

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