You want immediate and comprehensive solutions?

Then working with your systems is ideal for you.

Our system programmes are expert programmes, that can effectuate a change of your total system. We mix remote sessions and treatments, personal sessions, systemic energetic remote work and shake the system(s). With that we effectuate solutions at the root cause where the obvious issues come from.

When you have the feeling that you can not achieve one or another target, when you find no or only half hearted solutions, no matter what you have invested so far into the problem solving, then unconscious systemic works like a  blockade.

Repeating patterns, situaions, feelings, conflicts, the feeling of "I am not right", etc. keep you away from your self responsibility, from your ability to lead your life. If you have the feeling that nothing within or around you changes to the better, no matter what you have tried to change so far, then systemic works.

Systems have their own (unconscious and conscious) rule. Unconsciously collective systems, family systems, ancestry, history, etc. can wield power over you, your actions, your life, your experience.


Constellation work, system work in short

Für wen und wofür?

Individually, family, your environment:

  • In your relationships and connections you often find yourself in similar or same situations / conflicts
  • Not matter what you do, you often can not achieve your personal targets
  • You find yourself often in similar situations within your job, with your boss, etc.
  • You feel that you are always in a simliar role within your environment
  • You have the feeling that money "flows from you" instead of you living in wealth and abundance
  • You don't find your right place, in your life, in your profession, in your being
  • You often feel like being an outsider, an alien, different
  • You often have same or similar deep and negative emotions and experiences
  • You are lead by (vague) fears 
  • Sometimes you feel like being lived by someone else
  • ...


Organsations, groups, teams:

  • Change processes have often too many road blocks, can not be realised in time and with success, no matter how much effort you and your teams put into the process
    • projects fail
    • projects too often need increased effort, invest, time, to be realised
  • Corporate culture. The corporate culture that you notice, is far away fom how you want it and you have no clue why the culture does not change according to your actions and activities.
    • there is kind of "culture of fear"
    • organisational communication is blind, problem driven, nonconstructive
    • there are many open and latent conflicts
  • Success
    • no matter what you and your teams initiate, the real success seems to be far away 
  • ...

When you can not decode the cause...

... the rules of a system is working.

Constellation work makes you aware of everything within your system. Energetic constellation work with Business und Spirit enables you to immediately solve the root causes on all levels. Energetic, emotionally, system-related, mentally, ...

Advantages for you:

  • We get down to the root cause. 
  • We consider the conscious and the unconsious
  • We consider people, believes, emotions, patterns, connections, habits, etc.
  • We start where others stop. As soon as the root cause is visible for us, we solve it at the same moment.
  • Mit einer Aufstellung erkennen wir alles, was unbewusst ist, um es im Anschluss oder währenddessen schnell und leicht energetisch, emotional, systemisch und mental aufzulösen.

Each constellatin is individually for you and for your system(s), customized to you, your intention, your desire.

Like that your success is concrete and touchable.

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