Wellness for your soul at power places


Seelenwellness® is enhancing the traditional wellness world. With Seelenwellness® we open the room of being whole. We take all levels in consideration and offer a new way of healing body, mind and soul. Well-being and Well-feeling, health, wealth, potential, supernature and essence, love and light can raise in your life when you are one and deeply grounded in the here and now.


Here you find special retreats and offers at places of power that I have selected especially for your Seelenwellness®. For your wellbeing.

As different as the places might seem, all those places have something in common:

They are special, heart opening, loving and power spending. They are blessed with high energy and a unique power and make you feel like being at home, living in the here and now.

Luxury and love, nature and beauty, tradition and new age are connected and inter-related. And with that connection and balance, you find the unique possibility to discover and re-connect with your true self, to be exactely who you are, to do, experience and enjoy what is the best for you at the given moment.

Here you can enjoy the balance of Business und Spirit, Yin and Yang - outside and inside - in its purest format.

No matter whether you want to do something or simply enjoy your be-ing. You can calm down, a space gets opened from deep within, where you will find everything that you desire.

Find your power with Business und Spirit

The place is magic. The perfect place for Seelenwellness®. The physical space connects with the energetic field and like that opens all doors. Within and around yourself.

Here you will find me. To work and be with you, satisfy your deepest soul wishes. I open your inner spiritual and mental room for endless many possibilities and joy, that you would have never thought to become true for you.

No matter, which intention you come with. We will find your inner key for self-healing.

  • You are and have everything that you were always longing for and nevertheless you feel not really happy / you miss the feeling of easiness / you long for meaning?
  • You want to experience and live your flow of life?
  • You are searching for more happiness, joy, easiness in your life?
  • You want to be even more successful and at the same time have the feeling of easiness and flow in your profession?
  • You want to be more beautiful, fit, young, healthy?
  • You need more energy / power for your daily life?
  • You don't feel well?
  • You have physical / mental symptoms or you have already manifested any kind of illness (that is not explainable by school medicine)?
  • You are searching for new direction / solutions in your profession / in your self-employment / in your own organisation?
  • etc....

You will enjoy the floating energy® Seelenwellness® energy and flow for you, your body, your soul, your emotions and your well-being and healt. 

My offer for you - Recovery for your soul

Floating Energy® Seelenwellness® - wellness for your soul - personal, unique, exclusive

You desire a programme for you to regenerate, fill up, arrive, re-activate your power and ease of life?
You need / want to heal and cure a physical / mental / emotional issue?
You wish more mental power and energy?
Whatever it is, we will find and activate your personal key for self healing.

There is no fixated programme, your daily well-being is the start for each relevant next step. Like that you can heal and cure step by step in your personal pace. Healing will be deep rooted, intensive and sustainable.

When you can engage in letting go, you will experience healing and solutions, that are as special and great as you are.

Your intention, your target are our guideline. 

Your start is a first phone session with Michaela Graham, that you can book below. During this session you will experience healing and energy flow. You will know, whether or not working with Michaela will be the best for you and you will receive a first "travel plan" for your stay. 


Book now


Floating Energy® Healing flow

Floating Energy® - HEALING FLOW - JUST BE
for your mental / physical / spiritual health, happiness, beauty, abundance, wealth, being-well, success.

Enjoy the Floating Energy® Healing flow that is individually customized to you, your body, your soul, your system, your well-being.

What is in it for you and how can you imagine a Floating Energy® Healing session to be?

I don't need any preliminary information from you. At time of our appointment you can lay down dressed on the massage bed and relax.

I will open and activate your individual healing field. All energies, frequencies, energy fields that you require to solve and resolve the roots and trigger points for your issues will be activated for you. Your self healing will be re-activated. Well dosed, this field will work for you and for the solution of your issue.

Your energy will be raised, your system gets back to its natural flow.

It can happen that everything is solved and healed within one session. It can also be that your system needs more sessions to go step by step through all the levels. Usually the experience is, that a system needs time for deep changes of awareness. 

I will activate and provide the relevant energies and frequences that are required and your system / your soul will decide how much to take on and to solve at the given moment.

Imagine, that you put everything that you don't want to have and live any more within your life and everything that you want to have more from into the Healing field. Your system will sort out, clear, get free space, activates your manifestations and wishes.

I will take care that your "wish list" is placed and works for you.

During that hour you will receive the activation with the Floating Energy® Session, that is comparable to a healing flow.

30 minutes - 120 Euro - start to get back into your flow. Heal and recover. 

1 hour - 210 Euro - Deep healing. Get back into your flow. Your individual Floating Energy® field will be open and work for you for 48 hours.

You will get an invoice at place and can pay via bank transfer or cash on-site.



Floating Energy® - Healing flow for partners / lovers / relationship

A true highlight for you, for your partner, for your relationship.

You are in the midst of a crisis / new phase of life or you face chaos or challenges in your life and relationship? Maybe you just feel like there should be more romantic or better sex or more communication,... within your love and relationship...

There are often unconscious issues, systemic blockades and patterns that avoid you to live the flow of love. During this hour you will experience healing on your individual and personal level as well as on the level of your love and relationship.

This is wonder-ful, because, you and your love, your heart and your soul are.

60 minutes - 300 Euro inkl VAT



PRIVATE SESSION - Coaching - Energetic work

Enjoy the Business und Spirit Mix - mental coaching / business coaching / emotional coaching / NLP / Mediation / Supervision / leadership coaching / relation and partner coaching / personal development / vision finding / change of direction / change in general

Your issue, challenge, intention and target are our guideline.

You can experience solutions, new direction, impulse, we release systemic, energetic, emotional, mental, blockades and bring your personal system back into the natural flow - inside and outside.

55 minutes - 210 Euro inkl VAT.

You will receive an invoice at place and can pay via bank transfer or cash on-site.




Spiritual Coaching and healing flow in motion

When we are outside, nature and surrounding supports our healing and change. Our mind is concentrated on the motion of our body and opens all doors for our intuition and inner wisdom. Like that solutions, new aspects and perspectives can be found easily and facile. 

Deep inner healing can start. Enery flow and power can float in and provide us with everything that we require. We can let go and enter new circles of life, new comfort zones. Our brain can release from old patterns and new synapsis can be built easily.

Spritual coaching on motion is a phantastic adventure for your body, mind and soul.

Whether you want to change something in your life, feel stressed and burned out, want to optimize relationships or want to be more happy, healthy, wealthy,... This event will provide you with new directions and love of life.

I am looking forward to move with you. With our motion, there will start motion within your entire life.


Spend time together with others

Get together 

Once per week I am looking forward to you at our open get together. We can discuss actual issues, time quality, questions, impulse and energy quality.

This get together can be a great experience for us all. No booking is required. You just come and enjoy.

Awareness meditation - 50 minutes

Based on the ritual from Vipassana, with this body scan meditation you can dive deep into your be-ing. Explore your body and well-being, your awareness.

Floating Energy® - Yoga - 45 minutes

With floating movements you can let go what is not required any more. You feel your power and energy. A touch from me is more than a correction of pose only. Just Floating Energy®.

Wellness for your soul with Michaela

Certainly you as being  a dear guest of the Posthotel can book all offers of Business und Spirit. Take this great chance to get to know me personal and decide at place what you want.

I am looking forward to you and our time together at one of the best places in the world!


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