Being human

We live in the here and now and it is very fulfilling to meet each other personally. For many it is the most important to feel, see, hear each other face to face, to build trust, feel the breath of each other. And so it is.

I am a true fan of my Floating Energy® Distance and online programmes and yet I feel, understand, support and love the idea and format to connect personally, heart to heart. 

I open the space for you to receive healing, joy and developmet, light and love on each and every level, grounded and protected within a group of like minded wonderful souls.

You find a few offers for you in the following. 

In general, all offers that you find in German language, can be offered to my English speaking loved ones, too. If you have the deep desire to open a space for you an a bunch of english speaking loved souls, let me know. We will make it happen.

I am so much looking forward to meet you.

Floating Energy® - Silence Healing


Be prepared to unleash your true essence, to re-connect with your supernature. Get ready for your adventure life. Silence and healing can feel like celebration and pure joy. It is like Vipassana and it's not. And I promise you that you will love it.

Info / Book

Floating Energy® - Deep Healing

- fast, clear, efficient, daily life proven -


Get two power days, dive into the Floating Energy® to ride the energy wave and use it for your enlightenment. Dig into the field of wonders, get into highest vibrations and unfold your best, your supernature. Two days to activate your energy fields and to learn how to apply the energy during daily life.

This workshop is currently available in German. You're interested and have at least 5 attendees? Then get in contact with me.


Seelenwellness®, Healing Yoga und Meditation

Your body is perfect to express your light and love


If you want to change something in your life, you first need to accept what is. You need to arrive within. The floating movements of the Yoga asanas, the well-feeling during the meditation and the mix with Floating Energy® frequencies lift you to completely new dimensions. From here deep transformation is possible. Here. Now. Deeply grounded.

This retreat is available in German language currently. You are interested and have 8 people attending? Let's get in contact then.


Seelenwellness® and skiing

Fresh air within and around can support your balance.


You have one life. What do you want to experience, what do you want to live and be? During those three days you can get right into your clarity, you can find your purpose, change direction, arrive in the here and now, heal. And that with loads of joy!

I am looking forward to you on the piste.


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