Floating Energy® - Silence healing.

- effective, liberating, special - You arrive - purpose - meaning - be-ing

Floating Energy® Silence Healing can change your life. In your silence you find everything you need, everything you want. You find yourself.

From here you can dig deeper and deeper. You dive through all tunnels of forgetting and displacing situations, experiences, ... At the end of the tunnel there is light. Your light.

The silence and meditation are pure healing for all levels of your system. Here we solve / transform / enlighten the root causes. Floating Energy® supports the process at each and every level.

With your booking your individual Floating Energy® Soul Healing & Light Energy space opens, you will be connected with your divine blue-print to enable healing at the depths of your system. 

It is very possible that shadows, blockades and issues show up already before the event.

We meet in a small international group. Silence has no language that separates. It is the language of your inner, of your essence, of the devine. I work very individual and intensively with you and at the same time you will get to resonances and blockades that can be visible only by the protection of the entire group.

Those 5 days are a trip of re-connection with your essence. This adventure is perfect for you when you want to fully unleash your potential and when you really want to transform your deepest issues and blockades. 

Silence Healing

Dive into the silence. Here you find yourself.

Vipassana is a great way to find yourself. Having experienced countless wonderful Vipassana adventures in different countries and regions I want to open this tool and room of deep and intensive healing for you. What I offer to you is  same and different, it's adjusted to what I have received (channeled), to our western desires and habits and to the actual time and energy quality that is full of divine healing power.

I open a space for you that is filled up with Floating Energy® - highest frequencies of pure light and I invite you to receive and experience re-connection and healing at the depth of your soul and being. We use the high frequencies and energies and move within.

That is "Healing through silence". The silence supports you to arrive within. You can feel yourself, your emotions, thoughts, patterns etc. Your individual Floating Energy® field supports and enables your healing and new programming on the highest possible level, ankering within your deepest roots.

The asanas and movements of your body support the intensive cleansing and new programming.

You always have the choice how to enjoy the silence. Sitting, lying... Maybe you have the chance to hear your inner music, you find your inner beat and tone that you want to dance and move. 

Unleash yourself. Get from inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside and...

You will feel like new born.

At the same time you will feel your "I AM" deep within, deeper than you ever experienced it before. This I AM is connected to everything. You feel whole. You feel right. You have arrived. Here and now. On earth. Welcome! From here everything is possible for you.

14th to 18th September 2020


Mesner Hof C, Steinberg am Rofan (Achensee-Tirol - Austria)

We start at 2 pm on day 1 and finish at 11 am at the last day.

The Mesnerhof in Steinberg am Rofan is a true jewel of a special kind. It is perfect for what we need and what you want. Free space, protection, well-feeling. Be-ing. Essence.



Here you find the programme

We celebrate life! Even in and especially thanks to the silence celebrating works perfectly and feels great. You will be surprised.

From day 2 and including day 4 we practise noble silence. That means that we don't communicate in any form. Not even by eyes contact or using our body language. 

As soon as you have arrived you get rid of your phone, Ipads, tablets, books, computers or anything else that could distract you from within.


You will enjoy the full space to dig into the depth of your being, to connect with nature during the free time and to experience yourself and your inner and outer connection completely new. 

Seven days before the start of the retreat, during the retreat and seven days after you will be connected with your individual Floating Energy® - soul healing light energy room that works for you and your best.

Sleep and food

We are at one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Achensee region is an area that is full of high frequencies and energies. The Mesner Hof is a true well-feeling place. A haven of tranquility. Very special and a juwel. Like you are.

You find "Sleeping nests" for two and for three. The view is not describable with any words and supports the high energy of the sleeping nests. 

The costs are the same for everybody.

It makes no difference for you whether you are in a double or triple nest. You will make the same experiences. And you will feel protected, guided and grounded at any time and any where there. 

Food: breakfast, lunch and a light meal for diner (bio, vegetarian, vegan)

Drinks: tea and water from the tap

We will not drink or eat any cofee, alcohol or sweets. The more cleaned and pure your body can be, the more healing you will experience. The retreat will nevertheless be no Fasten-Retreat. We will have plenty of delicious food.

New - since 6th May 2020 - this replaces the text about the sleeping nest above.

To follow the actual restrictions and as we care for you, we will open this retreat for (only) 10 participants. This means, that each participant will live in a own room of double or triple sleeping nests. 

When you want to join together with you partner, you can certainly share one room.


Your Invest

Be aware that you start a high frequent transformation with your application. This retreat is for you only when you really want to tranform / solve your isssues at the root cause and in depth.

Your invest is all inclusive. Cost and logis, retreat AND your individual Floating Energy® energy field for 19 days all in.

When you book and pay 8 weeks before the retreat starts, you can save a lot!

The early bird price is ***: 885 Euro incl 19% MWSt. 

Regular price: 980 Euro incl 19% MWSt. 



** The retreat will take place with a minimum of 10 attendees. You get informed latest 3 weeks before about the definitive retreat start

***The early bird tariff is valid for you when you book up to 8 weeks before the retreat starts

**** Your payment is due with your application


Me for you

You receive far more during the five days (and beyond) than you can ever imagine (especially when you never before had the chance to work with me).

I attended countless Vipassana Retreats in Asia and Europe. Vipassana is a great approach and it's much time to invest. 

My daily studies in the universe and in the fields of infinite possiblities lead me to this genius offer for you. I am so happy to be able and allowed to invite you to share with me such a healing space and time. 

We will enjoy a very light and easy time together. Joy and easiness is your birth right. Do you know that?

You daily life most probably will be filled with goods and luxury. With this retreat you will experience healing at the depths of your being.

The most important thing:


Joy, fun, free space. The feeling of well-being. You will experience how great fun you can have with being in silence. You will discover your essence, the space within. This space, that is completely pure and sacred. This space from that you can create your entire life exactely as you desire it. When you learn to listen to this inner space you will maybe find and recognize your inner tone, your individual music inside that is there only for you. That moves you, carries you through life, sounds within you at every second of your life. You will be excited how great it feels to receive the wonders of life. 

I am so much looking forward to seeing you!


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