Floating Energy® - Energy Shot

Immediate, fast, intensive, efficient.

Based on Floating Energy®

You want to feel grounded, protected - immediately?

You need power?



Then get your Floating Energy® - Energy Shot.

I need no information from you as I can see and perceive you and your system at the time of your booking

Within 3 hours following to your booking you receive this powerful energy shot. The energy works immediately for your system like a power booster. You feel perfectly grounded, powerful and clear. You are deeply rooted and present. 

You can book this powerful shot at anytime and as often as you feel for it. It is an infusion, an injection of pure highest light. Enjoy!

Get your Energy Shot now.

You can book this energy shot as often as you like.

You will feel and sense the effect immediately even if you had never worked before with me or with energies. 

With your booking you select the time and date for your shot. 

Floating Energy® - Energy Shot - effective within 2 hours after your booking:

Cost: € 25,- incl. MWSt.