Floating Energy® – Deep healing for your soul, body, mind and system.

Your individual soul healing energy field is fantastic, wonder-ful, extensive. Expect wonders to realise into your life!

Allow your soul and system to recover, in order to integrate and implement the change, to re-activate your superhuman-nature. When your soul is strong and stable, change, re-programming and your best potential can unleash.

When you are in a phase of strong changes, your system, your soul needs time and room to recover and heal to implement ideally the new programmes, your realignment, your redirection.

You can imagine your individual soul healing room like a cure to regenerate. The difference is that you have to go nowhere, you can follow up on your daily activities while your system gets stronger and more energized, healed.

This Floating Energy® field is filled with pure divine light that is free from any vibration of the collective and mass matrix. It is free from room, time, dimension and structure. That means that this energy field can enable even faster that the best can happen for you and within you. It is pure and divine creator energy and light that works here.

Healing and solution arise from the depths of your system, on DNA, cell and neutron level. Epigenetically inherited imprints and patterns, system adherence and similar can get deleted.

Your individual soul healing energy field works supportive for you when you are in times of strong change and can support your personal sessions. It works customized to you, your self healing power, your balance, your clarity and for your best energy, your regeneration. Your protection.

When you have already manifested an illness, your healing takes as long as your system requires and needs. You can support your healing in the energy field with distance healing sessions or personal phone / zoom sessions.

As the divine light moves within and around each cell and each atom of your being, you will become deeply grounded, connected with mother earth and your soul star. Like that you are gounded, proteced and enjoy deep trust. Up there in the 87th dimension, the divine portals of all galaxies open for you and your complete transformation and healing.

When you change and reprogramme a lot, when there are many changes in your life, your soul needs free space to regenerate and recover, implement and live the change. Often you do not have the time available to get away from your daily life and responsibilities. Here the soul healing room works for you. Independent from your daily activities, your soul can dive into its individual healing room for 24 hours per day for one month.

Your system can fill up, get recovery. Only when you are in a deep balance, your change, your redirection, your reprogramming and you best can be integrated to your best. 

Thanks to the high frequencies, energies and energy fields that I activate individually for you, your needs and requirements in your healing space,  you can transform your good to the best. You can feeel in your full power and clarity. The package is perfect for you, when you are in the midst of strong change and when you have little or no time to get time off to regenerate.

You will receive highest energies according to the Floating Energy® remote approach.

Duration of Floating Energy® Soul healing room - 1 day, 1 week or 1 month - You define the Start.

Until end of April 2020 I offer a special price.

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Please consider that the energies and energy fields that I work with are high-frequent and strong energies that you can experience very intensively. This is important to enable the change that you want. How intensively you feel the Floating Energy®, how you and your system process it and what you "do" with it, is not within the power of Business und Spirit. It is your decision and the decision of your system, your soul. Generally the Floating Energy® is so strong that everything is possible. And what you make and get out of it is your decision. I prepare and provide you with your individual fit of Floating Energy® and you take what is best for you. I can not and don't want to give any promises.

I am no medical practitioner in any form. I work with high-frequent energies and energy fields. Your booking and participation is your own decision and responsibility.