Receive ground-breaking, healing, efficient calls from the highest spirits.

You need fast information, concrete answers or you want immediate support?

I dive into your light-field of pure light energy and read from your akash, connect with your spirits and reply to your request from here. 

Together with your reading you will receive highest spiritual frequencies and energies that can heal you and your respective subject.

Please consider that the Floating Energy® - healing energies are highly frequent and efficient and you can receive and sense them very intensive. Enjoy what your system needs at the given point in time and receive the words while you relax and while you are with yourself.

You can decide the intensity and amount of information and support that you need at the given moment. 

I don't need any information from you as I perceive and see your system as soon as you booked and with such opened your system for your reading and the respective healing at all levels of your being.

Within 24 hours after your booking you will receive your indidual reading / channeling. How fast you get the information and support depends on your system that opens the medial path when it's ready for it. 

You can book this powerful healing channeling as often as you like. It is information from your pure divine light field. There is nothing better than this.

Your reading

Working with me is similar to a usual fitness programme. The more earnest you "work", the more intensively you realise the results and bring to earth what you receive the more you can achieve in life.

How often you decide for a channeling, depends on your inidivdual needs. When you recognize that you need more information, it is maybe a good idea to request your individual and personal training with me, where I open your own channel again and make yourself ready and fit to receive readings from your fields. Please contact me in order to talk about your opportunities.

You will feel and perceive the energies of the reading very intensively even if you never worked with energies or frequencies before. 

You will receive the Floating Energy® - Healing Channeling as mp3 format within 36 hours following to your booking. Please enter your mobile number when you book. We will send the mp3 reading to you via whatsapp or telegram.

While you book your reading, you can decide whether you receive a "free reading" or whether you enter the energy field with an intention or a specific question. Also you can choose the duration and with such the intensity of your reading / channeling.

Costs: from € 25,- incl. MWSt