Various formats for you and your supernature and power.

It is your choice which format is the best for you. All garantee efficacy.

Online, distance or presence are for beginners and advanced, because in the world of quantum and matrix all energies and solutions find their absolutely correct way.

Your system your intuition works perfect. Therefore the format that you decide for is the very perfect one for you at this moment in time. 

And as you are here and now at this side, I am the best to guide you to where you want to be.

I am looking forward to you and keep your protected space wide open.


Some Michaela Graham for you.

I love my life and I love you.



Here you find some insights for Michaela Graham and on YouTube you find possibilities to see and hear me. And the best will be when you just give it a try. Because you and me we can make great things happen in your life.

Floating Energy® - is unique.

It is energy in motion for your change.


Floating Energy® is unique, special, efficient, lifesaving. There is nothing better for your flow. Floating Energy® applies universal wisdom, the systemic laws and the flow of life in a special form. For your love and life.